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National HOSA, Inc. Elects Officers

Local Advisor Appointed

Eligibility Forms

Clinical Lab for Animal Health - Ohio HOSA Competitive Event

State Leadership Conference Housing Block

SLC Advisor Letter- First Edition

SLC Tentative Agenda

Regional Competitive Event Guideline Changes and Clarifications

Ohio HOSA Gold Emblem Chapter Award Guidelines

Membership Deadline

Regional Competitive Events Sign Up Closes

2020-21 State Officer Application

Ohio HOSA Scholarship Application
As we approach our upcoming regional competitions please be review the newsletters and emails that may contain important information about your regional competitive events.

Best wishes to the members, chapters, and advisors in Regions 3 and 7 as your compete on Saturday, January 25th.

Details for all regional competitive events can be found on the Ohio HOSA website at www.ohiohosa.org. Click on the events tab and then on your region's link to access the information.

The State Leadership Conference details are announced in this newsletter.

Let me know how I can be of assistance to you.

Jim Scott, Ohio HOSA State Advisor 

January 16, 2020
SLC Housing Block Opened

January 25, 2020
Region 3 Competitive Events - Perry HS
Region 7 Competitive Events - Live Oaks

February 1, 2020
Region 4, 5 Competitive Event Sign Up Closes
Region 2 Competitive Events - Cuyahoga Valley Career Center

February 7, 2020
Region 1 Competitive Events - University of Toledo

February 8, 2020
Region 6 Competitive Events - Scarlet Oaks

February 12, 2020
Ohio HOSA, Inc. Board of Directors Meeting - Plain City

National HOSA, Inc. Elects Board Officers
At the HOSA, Inc. Board of Directors conducted its annual election of Board officers on Saturday, January 11 and elected  Jason Huff ,  former Executive Council member, Alumnus and Industry Representative as its 2020 Board Chairman .   Also elected were:  Dana Stringer(Alabama State Advisor and Alumnus), Chair-Elect; and   Jim Scott (Ohio State Advisor), Board Secretary.   Also remaining as a member of the Executive Council is Janet Villarreal(Texas State Advisor), Immediate Past President
Jason Huff, MSN, RN, FNKR, Vice President of Transplant Services at Cincinnati Children's Hospital and Chairman, HOSA, Inc. Board of Directors. Jason began his HOSA career in 1992 as a local HOSA member before serving as the Indiana HOSA President (1993-1995) and Secondary Member-At-Large on HOSA's National Executive Council (1994-1995). Jason has remained an active HOSA alumnus at the national level as well as providing leadership to Ohio HOSA where he serves as Chair of the Ohio HOSA State Advisory Council.
Dana Stringer, Alabama HOSA State Advisor , was elected as Chair-Elect. Dana has served at nearly every level of the organization beginning her HOSA career as a local chapter member in the 1980s before serving as a HOSA local chapter advisor (2000-2014) until her the current role as the Alabama Education Specialist, HOSA State Advisor, PLTW Biomed State Lead. Dana has been instrumental in promoting health science education in the classroom and has grown Alabama's state membership by 97.8%
Jim Scott, Ohio HOSA State Adviso r, has been serving HOSA since 2017. He is no stranger to CTE and CTSO’s having served the Agriculture Education community as a classroom teacher and as a State Advisor in Ohio and South Carolina. Jim has brought consistent leadership to Ohio HOSA which has grown 70% since his arrival. Jim is excited about the opportunity to serve the HOSA membership as the Eastern Region State Advisor Board Representative and Secretary of the HOSA, Inc. Board of Directors.
Janet Villarreal, Texas HOSA State Advisor , serves on the Executive Committee as the Immediate Past Chair.  Ms. Villarreal has been serving HOSA since 1994, where she began as a local chapter advisor at United South and United North High Schools and, in 2006, became the Texas HOSA State Advisor, where she continues to lead the nation’s largest chartered association with nearly 40,000 members.  Previously, Janet was a registered radiologic technologist at Doctor’s Hospital in Laredo, Texas. 

Local Advisor Appointed to
National HOSA Competitive Events Committee
Jill Heintz, Penta Career Center Advisor recently attended the National Competitive Events Committee meeting in Dallas, TX. Jill begins her three-year term as a Competitive Events Lieutenant. In that role Jill assists with the planning and managing of over 60 competitive events offered to middle school, secondary, and post secondary members. Jill will be a key part of managing competitive events at the International Leadership Conference in Houston, TX. this June. Thank you Jill for your service to HOSA members nationwide!
Required Eligibility Forms
Please note: Students competing in the following competitive events MUST bring a completed Eligibility Form and submit it to the event judges in order to compete at the regional competition.

Interviewing Skills (Page 10 of event guidelines)
Life Support Skills (Page 16 of event guidelines)
Personal Care (Page 22 of event guidelines)
Speaking Skills (Page 7 of event guidelines)

The appropriate form for each of the above is located in the specific competitive event guidelines.
Students are NOT to bring their IEP's -- only the completed form.
Clinical Lab for Animal Health Competitive Event
Ohio HOSA is proud to announce a pilot competitive event for Ohio members. It was recommended by advisors to create a new competitive event in the Vet Science area.

We will pilot the event at the State Leadership Conference. This event terminates at the state level with no advancement onto the ILC for the top three individuals as a result of this competition.

Basic guidelines are attached with test references, skills and rubrics.
* Each chapter may register up to 3 competitors.
* The top ten competitors based upon the written test will advance onto Round Two. Since this is a pilot, some form of awards will be given to the top three.
* Competition is open to all attendees to the SLC regardless if they are registered in a competitive or recognition event that could lead to their participation at the ILC.
* Registration cost is $5.00 per competitor. This is in addition to the regular $40 SLC registration fee.
* Registration is done by signing up via the National HOSA registration site for SLC.
SLC Housing Block Opens
The SLC Housing Block will open on January 16, 2020. We have increased the number of rooms at several nearby hotels to assist you in securing a reasonable room rate. Often rates outside the quoted block rates are often much higher.

Of note: We doubled the number of rooms in the Hyatt Regency block. We have blocked all the rooms available at the Drury Inn Convention Center and the Red Roof Inn Nationwide Blvd. We also have secured a small block at the Fairfield Inn & Suites.

Your chapter may stay at any hotel - the hotels listed in the below link are simply some choices for your consideration.
SLC Advisor Letter & Agenda - First Edition
Below is important information and details about the March 31- April 1, 2020 State Leadership Conference.

Registration opens January 16, 2020 and closes on February 28, 2020. There are several new additions including:
* A revised first day agenda
* New Recognition Awards
* Anatomage Competition - Increased number of competitors
* New Pilot Competition - Clinical Lab for Animal Health
* Interactive Leadership and Career Workshops increased
Special Note:
OHIO Specific Competitive Events Guidelines
The Competitive Events Committee met this past week and has made a major change in the competitive events guidelines for OHIO's regional and state competitions. Please note these change and clarifications.
  1. Competitors in the following competitive events that involve skills and/or secret scenarios will not be permitted to access their cell phones in the holding rooms. They will need to turn their phones off and place them in a common area within the holding room. When the student leaves to go to the competition room they will be allowed to take their cell phone with them as some guidelines allow them to use electronic notes. Click on the below link for a complete listing of competitive events and the events that do and do not permit access to their cell phones.
  2. Competitors may have their cell phone into the written test room but must have it turned off and follow the policy in the National HOSA competitive events Appendix G.
  3. Competitors in Personal Care, Interviewing Skills, Life Support Skills, and Speaking Skills are required to turn in their Eligibility Form to the judges. This form must be brought to the judges by the student in order to be eligible to compete. Do not bring the student's IEP. A reminder, a student with a 504 plan does not qualify for these four competitions.
  4. Competitors do not need to bring or show a copy of the General Rules and Regulations( GRR).
  5. Competitors do not need to have a photo id at the regional or state levels.
  6. Competitors at the regional level are not required to use the official HOSA notebook/portfolio in order to compete and gain points. However, those who advance to the state level must use the official HOSA notebook/portfolio.

Direct all questions about the above items to the state advisor.
Ohio HOSA Gold Emblem School Award
A slight change in the interpretation of the guidelines. This award is presented to Ohio HOSA schools. The award title is changed so to better represent the intent. This award is given to each school that has met the guidelines of the recognition program.
Schools with multiple chapters within the same building are encouraged to work collaboratively in meeting the guidelines in order to earn the recognition. Click on the below button to access the guidelines.
Important Reminder: Membership Deadline
Affiliation applications for state and national levels must be submitted to National HOSA no later than January 1st if the student is enrolled in the fall semester; spring membership must be affiliated by March 1 or within thirty (30) days of the beginning of a program initiated during the spring semester. Dues must be paid prior to competing in regional competitions.  
Regional Events Sign Up and School Listing
It is time to begin registering your students for regional competitions. Please note the closing date for registering for your respective regional events. Attached is a listing of the schools that comprise each region. We continue to have new chapters each year added to our association. If your chapter is not listed on the attachment please excuse the oversight and contact the State Advisor to find out your region.

Sign Up Closes for: Region 4, 5: February 1, 2020

Note: Please observe the above deadlines in order to allow ample time for planning, organizing and securing supplies for your regional event.

Who can compete? Any HOSA member who has affiliated and dues are paid by January 1, 2020.

How many events can a member compete in? Members may compete in one team or individual competitive event.

How many competitors may a chapter have? Each chapter is allowed to enter up to three individuals in individual events and up to three teams in team events.

Questions about the location and schedule should be directed to your regional captain.

Direct all questions regarding eligibility, registration, and guidelines to the State Advisor.
Ohio HOSA Scholarships
The Ohio HOSA, Inc. Board of Directors voted to again sponsor 2- $1,000 college scholarships for graduating seniors who are pursuing a degree in the healthcare field upon graduation from high school. Click on the below button to access the application. Applications are to be submitted by mail, postmarked no later than March 6, 2020. Only complete applications will be reviewed. Awardees must attend the State Leadership Conference.
Send an email to Jim Scott to sign up another teacher or your administrators that may benefit from this weekly newsletter.
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