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Last Minute Reminders - Ohio HOSA & Cavs

State Pin Design and Theme Selection Results

Regional Competitive Events Sign Up

New Sponsor Joins Ohio HOSA

State Officer Application and Interview Process Released

Ohio HOSA, Inc. Bylaws

 STEM Premier Details

Membership Deadlines

Dress Code Expectations

National Pediatric Cancer

Regional Competitive Event Dates

We are pleased to welcome two new advisors to the Ohio and National HOSA family. Please join me welcoming the following advisors.

Mentor High School
Advisor: Scott McLaughlin
(Northeast Region)

Olentangy High School
Amanda Sweeney
(Central/Southeast Region)

Welcome! Have a great week!

Jim Scott, State Advisor

Ohio HOSA and Cleveland Cavs Day is Tuesday, November 13, 2018. Please carefully read the below "Reminder notes." We are looking forward to your attendance. Safe travels!

November 7, 2018
Regional Competitive Events Registration Opens

November 13, 2018
Ohio HOSA & Cleveland Cavs Day

November 16, 2018
Ohio HOSA, Inc. Board of Directors Meeting
Ohio HOSA & Cavs Last Minute Details - Reminder
As you prepare to attend the Ohio HOSA Cleveland Cavs Day on November 13th please review the below reminders:
  1. Tickets and Parking - Review email from Shawn Wise before leaving for Cleveland.
  2. Dress Code - Advisors - we defer to your professional judgement and school policies.
  3. Turn in at Registration desk attendee signed Medical Forms & Code of Conduct Forms. If you submitted the same students at FLC you do not need to re-submit those students.
Regional Events
Beginning this Wednesday - November 7th chapters will be able to sign up for Regional Competitive Events. A reminder:
  1. You must first affiliate your students prior to signing up for competitions.
  2. Each chapter is allowed to sign up a maximum of three individuals or teams for each competitive event. The specific guidelines will indicate if the event is an individual or team event and the minimum and maximum number of members that comprise a team.
  3. Each region has a different closing date for registration. Please check the current Calendar of Events for your region's closing date.
Welcome New Sponsor!
Ohio HOSA is pleased to welcome Motivated Print as a BRONZE sponsor of specially designed tee shirts that will be given to all 550 plus attendees at the first-ever Ohio HOSA and Cleveland Cavs Day event celebrating Ohio HOSA's commitment to our National Service Project - the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation.

Thank you sponsors for your support of Ohio HOSA and our students!

Note: If you know of a company, organization, or others who would be potential sponsors of our numerous events and conferences please send contact information to ohiohosa.14@gmail.com.
2019 - 20 State Officer Application and Process
We are pleased to announce the State Officer "Intent to Serve" Packet and the State Officer application can be downloaded by clicking on the below buttons. Both of these items will be uploaded to the website in the near future.

Included in the "Intent to Serve" packet (Due December 23, 2018):
Ohio HOSA State Officer Candidate Interview Process
Qualifications and Prerequisites
Commitment Form
Standards of Conduct
State Officer Expenses
2019-20 Tentative Dates
Signatures Form

The State Officer Application (Due January 23, 2019)
Ohio HOSA, Inc. Bylaws Update
The State Officer Team has reviewed the Ohio HOSA, Inc. Bylaws this summer and sent recommendations to the Ohio HOSA, Inc. Board in September.The Board reviewed the recommendations and have agreed with the recommendations and is sending the recommendations onto the delegates at the Fall Leadership Conference for their input. Delegates will also receive a copy of the bylaws as a part of their FLC conference booklet.

The Ohio HOSA, Inc. Board will review all input at the November 16, 2018 Board Meeting and take action at that time. Please review the attached Bylaws with your delegates. Advisors who may have questions or comments are encouraged to contact the State Advisor.

Click the below button to access the Bylaws. Note the recommended changes are highlighted in yellow.

Based on Board action at the November 16th meeting, approved changes will be effective immediately. The Ohio HOSA Policies and Procedures will be updated to reflect any changes to the Bylaws. Additionally, both documents will be posted to the website by December 1, 2018.
STEM Premier Update
Reminder: When you affiliate your members be sure to add their email addresses at the same time. Students who are planning to:

  1. Participate in a Recognition Event;
  2. Compete in a competitive event that requires uploads to STEM Premier;
  3. Apply for a HOSA Scholarship

will only be able to access STEM Premier by creating an account that matches the email address used when they affiliated.

Note : If you have already affiliated your students and need to change any emails, you do not have access to make changes. You may send me a typed list of the student with their desired email address correction and I will make that adjustment in the system.
Membership Deadline
I had a question raised this week from one of our advisors regarding membership/affiliation deadlines. I hope the below clarification will help answer the question:

  1. Advisors may affiliate students until January 1st. Remember an earlier date of affiliation is required for all who are signing up for competitive events, etc.
  2. Advisors may affiliate students who enroll in the second semester until March 1st. If you plan for these students to compete in a competitive event at the regional or state level, you will need to sign them up prior to the closing date of their respective regional competitive event registration deadline.

HOSA Dress Code Guidelines
Several advisors have requested we create a one-page handout that identifies the dress code guidelines for the different events hosted by Ohio HOSA.

As you prepare your students for regional, state and International activities and events, the HOSA Dress Guidelines can be located by clicking on the below button and downloading them.
2018-19 Competitive Events Guidelines
The 2018-19 Competitive Event Guidelines are posted on the National HOSA website. Now is a great time to encourage your students to review the updated competitive events guidelines as they begin identifying and planning for their competitions. The 2018-19 Competitive Events Guidelines are the official guidelines that will be utilized at regional, state and international competitions.
Affiliate Your Chapter and Members
The Chapter Affiliation System is currently open and available to complete your membership roster. All students enrolled in your program and/or who have an interest being a part of HOSA should be affiliated as quickly as possible. Remember affiliation of your membership roster is required before you can sign up for regional competitive events. Affiliation cost is $20/person including students, advisors and others.
National Pediatric Cancer Project
The delegates at the International Leadership Conference in Dallas, TX voted to embrace the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation (NPCF) as the official HOSA initiative. This partnership is for the next two school years.

The below website will be the main source for all involvement with the NPCF as well as where HOSA members and advisors can go to download marketing materials, educational Power points, and videos. Keep checking back as they will continually be adding new resources!

In terms of fundraising, please forward this information to your local Ohio c hapter leaders. T he ‘Leaders Guide’ sign up as well as the ‘Individual Guide’ document can be accessed by clicking on the below words, "Leaders" and "Individuals" and the below website. We will be covering this topic in greater details at the Fall Leadership Conference.

Regional Competitive Events The 2018-19 Regional Competitive Events dates and locations are set. Click on the below link for more information. Registration opens in early October.
Send an email to Jim Scott to sign up another teacher or your administrators that may benefit from this weekly newsletter.
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