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New: Postsecondary Membership

New: Establishing a
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Motivated Print Sponsorship

Dress Code Guidelines & Expectations

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Fall Leadership Conference

Cleveland Cavs- Ohio HOSA Event Prices

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Middle School Opportunity

Ohio HOSA Pin Design Competition Guidelines

Ohio HOSA Theme Competition Guidelines
To accommodate requests from several schools due to extenuating circumstances beyond the advisors control, Fall Leadership Conference registration has been extended until Friday, October 4th.

Also, we have heard from several schools who plan to attend the Cavs game to date. Please email me if you plan to attend with your anticipated number of attendees by this Friday. Several of the workshop presenters need to make financial decisions in regard to travel.The deadline to sign up is October 14th.

Jim Scott, Ohio HOSA State Advisor 

October 4, 2019
Registration Closes Fall Leadership Conference

October 14, 2019
Cleveland Cavs/Ohio HOSA Educational Program Sign Up Deadline

October 31, 2019
Ohio HOSA Theme Entries Due by Email

November 5, 2019
Fall Leadership Conference
Ohio Pin Designs Due at Registration

November 14, 2019
Cleveland Cavs/Ohio HOSA Educational Event

November 15, 2019
Ohio HOSA, Inc. Board of Directors Meeting
Postsecondary Membership Opportunity
Does your school district offer adult education medical programs such as Practical Nursing or Medical Office Professionals to name a few? Did you know adult learners in these type programs are eligible to be members of Ohio and National HOSA!

HOSA's bylaws state, "The Postsecondary/Collegiate Division shall be composed of students who are not enrolled in high school, have received a high school diploma and/or are pursuing GED and are enrolled in a health care related field at the undergraduate level or are interested or planning to pursue a career in the health professions."

I invite you to connect with your adult education administrator and/or instructors and share this opportunity for their students to be part of a professional organization and the opportunity to become a part of HOSA - Future Health Professionals and to compete with other postsecondary students across Ohio and the Nation.

Please pass along my contact information to your adult leaders and I will be glad to follow up with them on how to engage their adult learners in the largest healthcare student organization in the World!
Starting a Middle School Chapters
Several advisors have approached me about starting a middle school chapter. The process is similar to operating your current chapter. What you need is simply the names of at least five students who desire to join, the address of the school, and the name of the adult who will serve as the advisor.
Middle school membership is open to students in grades 6-8.
Opportunities for middle school chapters and members has expanded this year to 19 competitions and events.
The addition of a middle school program provides a wonderful recruiting resources for your secondary program. See the below article that addresses all school districts to offer career education programming for 7th and 8th grade students.
Contact Jim Scott to start the process of establishing a middle school chapter.
Credentials Survey
Did your students earn a credential last school year? As I meet with potential sponsors and industry leaders, I am asked what credentials are our HOSA members earning? How many students earned the credentials?
Unfortunately I can not adequately answer the questions. I need your help. Will you download the attached survey and email it back to me by October 14th?
Note: Several advisors who attended the advisory workshops in early September already completed the survey so there is no need to re-submit your results.
I will be sharing this information at the kick-off meeting of the Ohio HOSA 100 - State Advisory Council meeting during FLC.
Thanks in advance for your response!
Thank you Motivated Print!
Once again this year, Motivated Print has agreed to sponsor Tee shirts for the Cleveland Cavs - Ohio HOSA Educational Event. Each attendee will receive a tee shirt. Be sure to indicate shirt sizes for each student when you sign up your students. The shirts will have a new look and design. Thank you Martin and Motivated Print Team!
Dress Code Guidelines and Expectations
As your students prepare for upcoming competitions and events, it may be a good reminder to share with them the guidelines and expectations in regard to what is appropriate and what is not appropriate to wear to the activity.

Great idea! I was recently at Apollo Career Center where Mrs. Diglia shared with their members that the chapter loans out the official HOSA uniform to students as they prepare to go on job interviews. What a great way to prepare our students for a positive first impression when interviewing while at the same time utilizing the official dress beyond HOSA events.
New Details: Fall Leadership Conference
We are excited to announce the 2019 Fall Leadership Conference will be held on Tuesday, November 5, 2019 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. Our keynote speaker is Rhett Laubach. Rhett has presented to over one million audience attendees in 48 states and internationally. He will also present a separate workshop that is going to motivate and inspire your students.

Additionally, the state officers will be presenting three different workshops and delegates will vote on the pin design and state theme.

The advisors workshop will highlight the new competitive event skills demonstrated by fellow advisors. The intent is to provide all advisors with a better understanding of the skill and allow them to better prepare their students for regional and state competitions.

Registration is open via the National HOSA website. Click on the below button to access the agenda for your use.

Note : This year we are need advisors to have bus drivers drop off their students in front of the Hyatt Regency located on Nationwide Blvd by 10:40 AM. We will have State Officers outside to meet your bus and direct your group to the South Cafe & Marketplace where advisors will be given the meal tickets. Then your students will proceed to the Subway store in the South Cafe & Marketplace to pick up their pre-ordered meal and enjoy lunch in the food court.
At 11:20 the state officers will chaperone you and your students to the Short North Ballrooms where you will be able to pick up your Conference Tee Shirts, programs and other items.
Cleveland Cavs and Ohio HOSA Event
2nd Annual Cleveland Cavs - Ohio HOSA
Educational Program is set!

Game: Cleveland Cavs vs. Miami Heat

Date : Thursday, November 14, 2019
Location : Rocket Mortgage Field House (formerly the "Q")
Educational Program : 12:30 PM - 3:30 PM - Details to be announced.
Game Time : 6 PM
Ticket Options : (Includes a specially-designed T Shirt).
Lower Bowl seating is: $25 and Upper Bowl seating is: $50
Bus Parking Voucher : $20/ bus

Additional program and event details about our students participation in the pre-game are being finalized. Registration is open via the National HOSA website.

Registration is open through October 14, 2019
Become A 100% HOSA Gold Chapter
Any student that is a HOSA member and graduating from high school or completing their postsecondary/collegiate program is eligible to become a HOSA Lifetime Alumni Member. The HOSA, Inc. Board of Directors has made this opportunity available FREE to help strengthen the organization and keep former members connected. Membership provides the following benefits:
• Create professional networking opportunities
• Stay current with news through the HOSA E-Magazine and the Alumni Newsletter
• Conduct workshops
• Serve as judges at state and national leadership conferences
• Serve as a mentor to a HOSA member
• Be involved in state and national activities where needs exist
Chapters who have recruited 100% of their graduation seniors will now be recognized as a HOSA Gold Chapter. Click on the below button to access the link to sign up your graduating seniors.

Ohio Gold Chapter Award
During last week's local chapter Advisor Workshops a new chapter award was announced. Click on the below button to see the guidelines and how your chapter can be recognized at the State Leadership Conference to receive the Gold Chapter Award. This award for your school and program will be presented to all chapters that qualify. During the Fall Leadership Conference the new award will be unveiled and delegates will be trained on how to position their chapter to earn this award.
Did you know . . .

Ohio requires districts to provide career-technical education in grades 7 and 8. Have you considered meeting with your school administration about how your school or how associate schools may be able to implement health education programs at the middle school? This would also potentially serve as a recruiting tool for your secondary education programs. Also the middle school students could affiliate a HOSA chapter and compete in 19 middle school competitive events.
If your school district is already offering career-technical education in grades 7 and 8 you may want to meet with that professional and introduce them to HOSA and have them start a chapter.
However , if a local board of education adopts a resolution expressing the district’s intent not to provide career-technical education to grades 7-8 students that school year and submits that resolution to the Department, the Department will waive the requirement for that school year.
Although the September 30th deadline is near for such resolutions to be submitted, starting career-technical education for these students may be something you want to address for consideration for the 2020-21 school year. I know several schools are considering adding a middle school chapter this year. We will address this topic at the Fall Leadership Conference.
Ohio HOSA Pin and Theme Competitions
NEW Guidelines are announced for the Ohio HOSA Pin Design and Theme. Click on the below buttons to learn more about how to enter and deadlines.
Send an email to Jim Scott to sign up another teacher or your administrators that may benefit from this weekly newsletter.
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