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New! Town Hall Meetings

FLC Chapter Registration Extended

Regional Competition Details Announced

Anatomage Competition

Member Statewide Committees Established

Affiliation Details
What is on your mind? What questions do you have about HOSA in the virtual and blended learning environment?

Ohio HOSA is pleased to announce we will hold a series of Town Halls for chapter advisors to call into the state office to have your questions or concerns addressed.

The purpose of the Town Halls is to hear from you. This is an opportunity to keep in touch with you -- our customer!

Watch your email for specific dates, times and zoom links.

Thank you!

Contact me if I can be of assistance to you.

Jim Scott, Ohio HOSA State Advisor

October 18, 2020
Regional Theme and Tee Shirt Design Competition Deadline

October 22, 2020
Registration closes - Fall Leadership Conference

Fall Leadership Conference Registration Extended

If you have not had an opportunity to sign up your chapter for Fall Leadership Conference yet we have two options that may help.

1. If your chapter is signing up for FLC and the students want tee shirts, you would need to register by today - Tuesday, October 6th at 4 PM. Cost of tee shirts is $10-12/person. (The tee shirt company needs time to fulfill the orders and drop ship them to your school by the end of October.)

2. If you chapter is not interested in purchasing tee shirts for the FLC, the FLC registration deadline is October 22nd.

Cost for the conference varies based upon your chapter's membership last year.
1-50 members: $299
51-175 members: $399
176 and above membership: $499

I know the school year has been challenging for all of us, especially for you as the instructor. Thanks for your efforts to add some sense of normalcy.

The steps to register are:
1. Affiliate your chapter members.
2. Sign up for the Virtual FLC conference

If you have questions or concerns on how to complete the registration process please contact me. 
2020-21 Regional Competitive Events
This year's regional competitive events will be held virtually for all seven regions. Click on the below button to find the schedule of events along with the format. Additional details are being finalized to assist you and your students in preparation for the competitions. The Competitive Event team is looking forward to conducting quality experiences. Be sure to check out the new competitive event - Health Informatics along with the state only competition in Medical Art. please contact me with any questions.
Anatomage Virtual Competition Announced
Your We are pleased to announce Anatomage will be conducting a virtual Anatomage Competition during our Fall Leadership Conference. Details on signing up for the competition include:
  1. Each chapter can have as many teams as they desire. A team consists of 1-5 students.
  2. Sign up will occur via a link that will be included in the Fall Leadership Conference agenda and special website which will be released in early October.
  3. In order to compete chapters must have affiliated their membership and signed up for the FLC.
  4. Team members may be either in the school building or in their virtual environment.
  5. The first round will occur on Monday, October 26th.
  6. The top 16 teams and Final Four will compete on Wednesday, October 28th.
  7. All members of the winning team will receive an iPad courtesy of Anatomage. Plaques will be awarded to the finalists and certificates will be awarded to all participants.
There will be two competitions: The first being for students and the second being a Advisor competition with a plaque awarded to the winning advisor.
A flyer is being developed by Anatomage and will be sent to advisors.
Watch for more details.
Member Statewide Committees Established
All chapters who register for the Fall Leadership Conference will be invited to nominate one member to serve on a statewide committee. Ideally, each school will have a member of a committee.

Ohio HOSA has established eight (8) committees that will meet virtually throughout the year to address and propose new initiatives for our organization. The eight committees are:
Public Relations
Alumni Development
Competitive Events
Bylaws/Policies and Procedures

Once your chapter is registered you will be contacted in mid-October to submit the name of the nominee with their email address. The committees will be announced on October 28th at the virtual Fall Leadership Conference.

Each committee will meet in the Fall and Spring to develop an agenda, discuss issues, and offer recommendations to be presented to the delegates at the State Leadership Conference and eventually to the Ohio HOSA, Inc. Board of Directors.

Leadership for each committee will consist of an advisor and state officer. Committee chairs will be selected from within the committee.
We are looking forward to grassroot input as we continue to grow our organization. More details being developed.
Membership/Affiliation Details
As students affiliate this year we area asking them to provide an email address that is not a school email address. We found many students who competed at the Virtual ILC could not be easily be reached via email as they had used a school email address that was either deactivated over the summer or inaccessible since the student was not in the school facility. Also many schools have firewalls that will block incoming emails outside their particular system, thus making it difficult to share important messages and updates regarding HOSA and Tallo.
Send an email to Jim Scott to sign up another advisor or your administrators that may benefit from this weekly newsletter.
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