Ohio Humanities e-Newsletter | August 2017 
Garden  of Ohio: Archbold Quilt Barn Trail Audio Tour Released
Audio tour captures traditions, artistic legacy-- now on SeeOhioFirst.org.

To many, there's nothing more peaceful than a drive through a pastoral Ohio countryside.  From crops near harvest to hay bales nestled in rolling h ills, the countryside tells a story.  In its lates t release, SeeOhioFirst.org presents the story of northwest Ohio's Archbold region revealed on barn quilts.  
The Garden of Ohio: Archbold Quilt Barn Trail audio tour is the third of its kind on See Ohio First.  "The first two tours have been so popular on See Ohio First, that we decided to record a third tour in Archbold," says Pat Williamsen, Executive Director of Ohio Humanities Council.  
Mapped out by the Black Swamp Arts Council and Sauder Village, this quilt barn trail tour was created to commemorate the sesquicentennial of Archbold. Ten strategically placed, visible barns were selected throughout the area to display the quilts.  "We brainstormed different projects and this seemed like a perfect fit -- it highlighted our rich agricultural background as well as our history and love of quilting," said Diane Tinsman of the Black Swamp Arts Council.
The tour begins at Sauder Village, which offers visitors the experience of a 19 th century farm community with 40 historic buildings and hands-on activities.  Debbie Sauder David, CEO of Sauder Village, recounts the quilting tradition of the area: "My mom was a quilter, and she knew a number of quilters in the area.  It was fun and social and beautiful works of art came from that.  She started the first quilt show at Sauder Village."
The national quilt trail movement started in Ohio and quilt barn trails can be found in 33 Ohio counties.  For more information, click HERE.

Calling All Authors

Join the discourse to appear in Pathways magazine

Over the course of the past 18 months, we've heard the phrase, "Make America great again." Used as a campaign slogan to excite the base and incite distrust, the phrase begs questions in response: When did America cease to be a great nation?  What attributes define a great nation?
Many feel that in our current moment a sense of common national identity and a shared sense of the common purpose is well beyond reach.  We believe Americans need to reflect on the stories of the past and present that address the long debate over America as "mixing bowl" or "melting pot." In the daily work of making America, many Americans value an inclusive sense of national identity.
Ohio Humanities seeks articles that explore those moments when American greatness was revealed as the realization of American ideals- or as a fa├žade for the exercise of unprincipled power.  We are particularly interested in pieces that focus on Ohio or Ohioans and their role in moving America toward a better place or revealing the rank hypocrisy of the American sense of national greatness.  Articles might include a reflection on Auden's "Age of Anxiety," an exploration of civil disobedience, the campaigns of Ohioans running for national office, profiles of individuals whose actions define or defy the theme.
Authors are encouraged to submit one-page proposals for articles, essays, or poems no later than August 25.  Deadline for final submissions is September 18.  Proposals may be submitted to ohc@ohiohumanities.org . 
Tell Us What You Think
As Ohio Humanities prepares its next strategic plan, we hope that you will take a few minutes to share your thoughts about Ohio Humanities and public programming.  When combined with those of other constituents, your responses will help us think about future program initiatives. Survey responses are anonymous, so please be frank!  Click HERE to access the survey.  

Calendar of Fall Events

Don't miss these fascinating Ohio Humanities-sponsored projects and events 
Short North Alliance Be sure to register early for the highly popular Six Word Stroll and Share on August 27 and September 3 in the Short North neighborhood in Columbus.  Tour up to four nearby murals and engage in docent-led conversations about mural themes. Tours are followed by a 90-minute six-word story writing workshop.  To register for the August tour, click HERE, and for the September tour, click HERE.
State Library of Ohio Bicentennial
Celebrate 200 years of library service to Ohio by visiting the State Library's digital exhibit in Columbus.  Currently on display are rare photographs, materials and documents that span two hundred years of state government and library service. Click HERE to learn more.

11th Annual Books by the Banks

The entire family will enjoy Books by the Banks, a free day-long event held October 28 from 10am-4pm at the Duke Convention Center in Cincinnati.  National, regional, and local authors, as well as illustrators, will present panel discussions, book readings, and workshops.  For more information, visit the event's website at BooksByTheBanks.org.
Springfield Museum of Art
On Saturday, September 23 , from 4-5 pm, the Springfield Museum of Art will host art historian and speaker Dr. Erin Corrales-Diaz. Her talk, Appalachia Exposed: Representing the Mountain South in American Regionalism is planned as one of the opening weekend public programs for the exhibition Faces of the Heartland: James Roy Hopkins.
Dr. Corrales-Diaz's talk will immediately precede the 5:30 pm opening reception for Faces of the Heartland: James Roy Hopkins and will place Hopkins in the context of his time when artists were celebrating emotional expression over realism at the same time the camera was giving rise to documentary photography's ability to capture raw, un-interpreted views.

Lorain County Community College
Dr. George Vourlojianis will lead two fascinating programs at Lorain County Community College in Elyria.  The first program on September 13 is entitled: A Mighty Endeavor: America's Meuse-Argonne Offensive.  The second program, on October 11, will explore One of History's Noblest Dreams: The War to End All Wars and the Paris Peace Conference of 1919.
Zoar Speaker Series 
To commemorate its bicentennial, historic Zoar Village is offering a free speaker series. Dr. Philip E. Webber will speak about the reactions of Separatist young men to the Civil War on September 2 , from 1-2pm at the Historic School House, 221 E. Fourth Street. The Separatists believed in leading a pacifist life in accordance with their principles, but some of the village's men decided to break tradition and join the Union Army. Webber will discuss these men, as well as those who decided to remain conscientious objectors throughout the war.

October's Speaker Series will feature three speakers in conjunction with Zoar's Heimatfest on
October 7, from 1-2pm in Historic Zoar Village, 198 Main Street.  Please visit Historic Zoar Village for more information.

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