Flood Watch!

Severe Flooding Predicted in Ohio River Valley 

Due to excessive rainfall it is predicted that flooding will occur in the  Ohio River Valley from Parkersburg north through Moundsville and Wheeling this weekend. 

Stay informed. Listen to local radio, TV, internet or official social media sites for updates and warnings. See below for more safety tips

Want to help? 

  • Preregister with an existing volunteer organization in the area. 
  • The first opportunities to assist will likely occur next week, beginning with debris removal and mucking out homes.
Basic Flood Safety Tips
  • Move immediately to higher ground or stay on high ground. Evacuate if directed.
  • Turn around don't drown. Just 6 inches of moving water can knock you down, and one foot of moving water can sweep your vehicle away. 
  • Bring in outdoor furniture and move important indoor items to the highest possible floor. This will help protect them from flood damage.
  • Disconnect electrical appliances and do not touch electrical equipment if you are wet or standing in water. You could be electrocuted.

  • If instructed, turn off your gas and electricity at the main switch or valve. This helps prevent fires and explosions.


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