June 2021
Director's Corner
Happy June Ohio START! I hope everyone has been enjoying the summer-like weather Ohio has been hit with the past few weeks. This month we are excited to be offering a new training on De-escalation with Compassion. Be sure to check out our other announcements on a free training for BH providers and a free app for mental health professionals!

From the Field
Butler County
The Butler County START team is in the process of successfully graduating another START family! Congrats!
Seneca County
The Seneca County START team has successfully accepted and began their first case! They also have screened in a second case and are looking at a possible third!
Lorain County
The Lorain County START team reported two successful case closures! One of the graduating mothers spoke very highly of her experience in START as well.
PCSAO is Hiring!
PCSAO is seeking a second regional manager to assist with the management and 
implementation of the Ohio START program. In this role, the regional manager will focus on the development and oversight of technical assistance required and provided to the Ohio START grantees in a specified region of the state.

PCSAO is also releasing this Request for Proposals (RFP) to identify a vendor to provide technical assistance to Ohio START Family Peer Mentors, their employers, and Public Children Service Agencies (PCSAs) implementing Ohio START.

Free Training for BH Providers

Sign up for this free Trauma-Informed Care Training with Mary Vicario, LPCC-S! Healing the Fear that Hides: Interventions for Biologically Based Fear Responses. Neuroscience is demonstrating that some of the most challenging behaviors demonstrated by trauma survivors are biologically based fear responses more related to fear-based dysregulation than intractable behavior. We will examine how Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Compounding Adverse Toxic Stressors (CATS) create repeated fear responses and disrupt the “felt safety” (neuroception) needed for the attachment and regulation centers of the brain to work properly.  

June 23, 2021 9:00AM-4:30PM Virtual

This training does have a 300 person capacity, so be sure to sign up with the eventbrite link below!

Ohio START Parent Interviews
Family Peer Mentors and CPS Workers,

Does your county have parents who recently completed the START program who could use a $75 gift card? For about an hour of their time speaking with an evaluation team member for a phone or video interview, a parent who has completed the Ohio START program will receive a $75 gift card! Our aim is to interview parents within 30 days of completing Ohio START.

We are accepting parents/caregivers who completed Ohio START in any county. The goal of interviewing parents who have completed the program is to gain a more in-depth understanding of parents’ own experiences of parenting with a substance use disorder, what worked for them in the Ohio START program, and what they feel may not have worked as well for other parents. If you or a parent has any questions or concerns about this opportunity, please contact Margaret Hutzel at 740-597-2985.

Free Year-Long Access to Meditation App

Ten Percent, a meditation app, is offering a free year-long subscription to mental health professionals! The app includes introductory courses to meditation, as well as, talks from leading mindfulness experts and additional resources.

Training & TA
All trainings have moved to a virtual platform due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
De-escalation with Compassion
June 3rd, 2021

During this half-day training, we present a unique, compassionate approach to addressing challenging situations. De-escalation with compassion is a way to engage with someone in a high-stress situation. It moves beyond tone of voice or posture to full self-reflection and awareness. It includes assessing our own emotional state and bias, not just the other person. It means seeing someone's behavior as a reaction to fear or suffering, instead of acting, aggressive, or scary. It allows workers to connect with others as a human being even in escalated situations.
Trauma & Resilience: Identifying Children, Parents and Families at Risk
June 7th, 2021

This training includes an overview of the Children's Trauma Assessment Center Trauma Screening Checklist (CTAC). We will also look at how to assess the trauma exposure of their parents, using the Adverse Childhood Experience survey (ACE). This training is required for staff administering the CTAC and/or ACE including: START CW caseworker, FPM, BH Supervisors/service coordinators and suggested for CW supervisors.
Family Team Meetings
June 21st, 2021

One of the key ingredients in the Ohio START program is Family Team Meetings (FTM). This training will describe the core principles, components, and skills needed to successfully facilitate FTMs. This training is required for staff that will take active role in FTMs including: START CW supervisors, START CW caseworkers, FPM, and BH Supervisors/service coordinators.
Ohio START is a program of PCSAO
Our Mission: We approach Substance Use Disorders with compassion, understanding and hope for recovery. We work as a team, supporting and holding each other accountable. We believe in family, love and redemption.