Market Trends Drive Growth

By:  Harry Knight, Superintendent

Evaluating and understanding product trends and category growth are vital to improving the quality of the spirituous liquor inventory. We also utilize this information when determining product distribution throughout the state and arranging shelf sets in the Contract Liquor Agencies to provide a better shopping experience for the customer. In an ever-changing and innovative industry, this data provides valuable insight into the specific categories and brands of products Ohio consumers want.

We achieved record sales of more than a billion dollars in each of the past two years, with 2016 totaling $1,140,209,832. Vodka and American whiskey were the largest categories by dollar share in 2016, combining for almost 50 percent of the total dollar sales. These two categories were followed by Canadian whisky, tequila and brandy. The categories that experienced the greatest growth were Irish whiskey and brandy. Irish Whiskey is now the hottest trending category, growing at a rate of 17.1 percent, followed closely by brandy, growing at 13.2 percent in 2016.

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