Former State Representative
Ron Hood for Congress - District #15

Ohio Value Voters Endorses
Former State Representative
Ron Hood for Congress
Ohio Value Voters is pleased to announce the endorsement of former State Representative Ron Hood for Congress in Ohio’s 15th District. Representative Hood has a record of being pro-life, standing for family values, and the elimination of pornographic material presented to children in Ohio classrooms.

In 2020, Representative Hood worked with Ohio Value Voters and Linda Harvey of Mission America to draft legislation known as the “Parents Right to Know Act.” This legislation will prohibit schools from presenting pornographic material to students in the classroom and giving parents transparency about what is being taught. House Bill 240, “Parents Right to Know Act” is now in the Primary and Secondary committee of the Ohio House.  

Representative Hood was a leader in the House to pass the “Heartbeat Bill.” For eight years Ron Hood worked with other leaders in the state to pass this bill which is now law in the State of Ohio.

Representative Hood has indicated he will join the House Freedom Caucus and Congressman Jim Jordan once elected to serve the people in Washington.

Please review Ron’s website for additional information.

The residents of the 15th District will be well served by voting for Representative Ron Hood.    

Thank you for your prayers and support.

John Stover, President

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