Experts are steadily finding new or previously unrecognized contaminants in our waterways and drinking water systems, yet their risk to human health and the environment are not yet fully understood. Last month's EPN Breakfast/WMAO Luncheon was a great opportunity to discuss emerging contaminants and our water resources. The highlight of the event was the panel discussion. Amy Klei (Chief of the Ohio EPA Division of Drinking and Ground Waters) provided an overview of emerging contaminants in Ohio. Dr. Wayne Carmichael (Professor Emeritus of Aquatic Biology/Toxicology at Wright State University) spoke about the threat of biological contaminants and how we can mitigate harmful cyanobacteria in municipal and recreational water supplies. Dr. Andrew Lindstrom (Research Physical Scientist with U.S. EPA) talked about different chemical contaminants that pose a threat to our water resources, such as PFAS. Sarah Lowe (Great Lakes Regional Coordinator for NOAA Marine Debris Program) discussed marine plastics and how NOAA is actively developing, implementing, and monitoring prevention strategies. The panel discussion, moderated by Ohio WRC Co-Director Dr. Linda Weavers , explored how we can improve our understanding and management of several emerging contaminants affecting Ohio's water resources.