Gary quietly helped take care of the trail in many ways, including having his broom handy at all times.  
He would often alert us to concerns.
If you ride the County Line Trail very often, you probably learned to know Gary and his friend Eileen.  In recent years they rode the trail every day when the weather was welcoming. Gary, a twenty year Navy Veteran, enjoyed photography as a hobby and shared many wonderful photos with us.  In our June 2015 newsletter we included
THIS LINK to a slide show of his photos.   
(look for arrows in bottom right corner of video to open to full screen)  
After no sight of Gary for several months we did some checking and learned he had passed quietly on May 27 after a short battle with cancer.  He was laid to rest at the Ohio Western Reserve National Cemetery in Rittman.  
We share here Gary's love for the trail in his own words from June 2015.  
He speaks for many of us. 
"I discovered the County Line Rail Trail quite by accident. In 2011, I used to drive  to Wadsworth from Canton to see a friend on weekends and to go for bike rides.  One Saturday my friend Eileen and I were having breakfast at Crawfords in Rittman and we noticed railroad "speeders" shuttling passengers back and forth on what appeared to be sightseeing rides.  We inquired as to the reason and were told it was part of an opening ceremony for a new bike path from Rittman to Creston.  
Wow! Through sheer blind luck, we were in the right place at the right time, and were among the very first riders of the trail after its official opening! I enjoyed it so much. I would make special trips to the trailhead on Ohio Ave behind Laria Chevrolet at every opportunity. I went so far as to call it my "home" trail.  
Always enjoyable, you'll see things on each ride you didn't notice before, and the round-trip distance of about 14 miles is perfect for a leisurely 2 hour ride. We aren't racers or hard core bikers by any stretch, but we do average around 2,500 miles on the CLT alone each summer.
Birds, butterflies, wild flowers and trains abound. There's never a shortage of entertainment. Even the fresh manure farm fields in the spring are "refreshing" after a LONG cold Ohio Winter!
Kids of all ages seem to really enjoy so many trains passing every day. I'm told an average of 25 - 50 trains pass in a twenty four hour period, in either direction. We have seen as many as eight trains in one two hour period.
I have since moved from Canton to Wadsworth, and the CLT now really is my home trail. We have become so spoiled by it and we don't ride anywhere else."  
Thank you, Gary, for all you did for the County Line Trail.  You are missed. 

AUGUST 2018 
In late July, Don Noble II, Becky Jewell and Keith Workman spent time at the Orrville Industrial Park to consider route options for building the next phase of The Heartland Trail, making the connection from Main Street to Forrer Road.  No final decisions were made at this point,  but studies continue. Your RTWC Board is always looking to the future!

This year's group ride, organized and planned by RTWC Board Member Keith Workman, began on Sunday, August 5th at the Ohio River in Cincinnati and will conclude on Sunday, August 12th at Lake Erie.  As is the tradition, participants will dip their rear wheel into the river and their front wheel into the lake.  
Thirteen riders and one sag driver loaded up on Saturday morning to head to Cincy for a short bike ride to the hotel and to enjoy an evening of dinner and relaxation before beginning the trek north at 7:30 am on Sunday.   
For the next 8 days you will receive daily updates about their adventures.  Keith and his wife Carol always provide a well organized and enjoyable group ride experience, which also serves as a fundraiser for RTWC.    
We look forward to sharing the story with you this week.  
Keith and Carol Workman, Orrville, Ohio.
When Massillon undertook plans to build the Stark County section of the Sippo Valley Trail, in 1995 Keith was one of three people who called a meeting to determine if the 2.25 mile portion of the Wheeling & Lake Erie rail-bed east of Dalton could be converted into the first rail-trail in Wayne County. He was soon elected as the first President of Rails-to-Trails of Wayne County and 23 years later continues as a Board Trustee.  
Both Carol and Keith have done several long trails -  the Katy Trail across Missouri and riding rail-trails across Wisconsin to name a few. Currently Carol does not do long rides, but she still enjoys shorter rides on rail-trails. Carol drives the van with the trailer and luggage each day, as the riders bicycle to the next night's lodging. Anyone who has been on one of Keith's group adventure rides knows that a critical part of the success is due to Carol's role.  
David and Cheryl Wengerd, Dalton, Ohio.

Dave works at family owned C & D Mfg. Inc. and also farms part time. Cheryl is retired but  helps out where needed. They have been long time supporters of Rails-to-Trails of Wayne County and have mowed part of the Sippo Valley Trail as volunteers.  
Their first bike tour was about 20 years ago with Keith Workman on the Great Allegheny Passage. Dave has done other tours, too, but Cheryl has done many more, including the Southern Tour from San Diego to St. Augustine in March and April of 2013.
Mike and Peggy Abrams, Bolivar, Ohio.  
Peggy, an avid cyclist for over 35 years, met her husband Mike through a local bike club 34 years ago.  They wonderful memories of self-contained bicycle tours.  A favorite was riding from Jasper, Alberta to Missoula, Montana through the Canadian Rockies as well as riding from the Oregon coast to Crater Lake. Now she does mostly short rides (under 50 miles) on the road or on trails. Peggy also enjoys skiing and hiking in the winter months.  Since 2008, her hobby and passion is training two Golden Retrievers, Bailey and Grace.  She is currently competing in AKC and CPE agility at the championship level and also teaches an agility class at a local kennel.   
Mike has been riding with the Stark County Bicycle Club since the mid 1970's .  He is a Trailblazer in Stark and Tuscarawas counties, a member of Folks on Spokes, Wayne County Rails-to-Trails, a lifetime member of both Adventure Cycling and League of American Bicyclists.  As a member of The Ohio Bicycle Federation, Mike helped publicize the availability of the Ohio 'Share the Road' license plate when they became available. Mike says, "We were fortunate to be able to join Keith on a very enjoyable C & O (horrible trail surface but very scenic and historic) & GAP ride in 2015.  The adventure continues!
  Margaret Glenn, Chippewa Lake, Ohio

Although she has been riding since her teens, this is only her second week long trip. The first was The Great Ohio Bike Adventure (GOBA), which she rode this past June.  
Besides biking, Margaret is an avid bird watcher, gardener, kayaker and skier. 

Annette Foster, Uniontown, Ohio.
Annette has been riding for about 10 years. She enjoys riding the roads as well as the trails and belongs to a riding club in Stark County called "Folks on Spokes." With the club, she has had opportunities to ride through Wisconsin with "Peddle across Wisconsin."  
Her thrill was the RTWC ride C&O/Gap. DC to Pittsburgh.  "I would highly recommend that experience. It is a pleasure to ride with Keith and Carol again!" said Annette. 
Joanne Fisher, Wooster, Ohio.
  Joanne lives with her husband Jim and she works for the Wayne County Commissioners, looking forward to retirement next year. This is her second ride with Keith as she participated in the 2016 ride from DC to Pittsburgh.
Gary Leiendecker, Canal Fulton, Ohio.
Gary is looking forward to retirement in a year and a half. Active with a church bicycle ministry, Gary also rides with "Folks on Spokes" of Stark County.  
He and his wife often ride tandem and have done group rides of several days in Ohio and Pennsylvania, often carrying their own luggage in panniers. They have also done GOBA and XOBA.

Gerald O. Headd, Euclid, Ohio.  
Gerald works for New York Life Insurance in Cleveland. He began riding again 33 years ago as a therapeutic method to resolve knee issues and found it was also excellent mental therapy and a get-away from the daily stress of life. His biggest challenge was twice completing a 220-mile bike ride through corn-country in Bloomington, IL. Gerald says, "As I matured over the years, I have learned how to eat healthy, organic, whole foods and exercise regularly to stay in excellent condition!"

Tom Peel, Massillon, Ohio.
Tom retired from the Hoover Company in 2005 when Maytag moved the Hoover offices out of North Canton. Tom started biking as a youngster and as an adult bought his first 10 speed bike, a Viscount, in 1980 from Dells in Canton. Tom says he needed a bike to train for his first across-state bike ride, Ragbrai IX, in 1981. He was hooked and has been biking ever since. Tom is working on doing a bike ride in every state and so far has done thirty.  

Katie Donoghue, Burlington, Wisconsin.
Katie is a retired elementary school teacher and an avid Packer fan and has season tickets - GO PACK!  She received her first bike when she was about 8 and hasn't been off of one since.  She has biked in the 44 of the U.S. states, Canada, Europe, a few miles in Egypt, China, and Russia, and lots of miles in Europe. She has loved "almost all" of the rides. Katie lives in Colorado in the winter and enjoys skiing, XC, skating, and hiking.   

Torrential rain on a zero percent forecast.

The weather was hot on the drive down with a slight cloud cover and a breeze when they unloaded. It was sunny weather as they rode to the zero OTET sign across from the baseball park.  
The Cincinnati riverfront is a beautiful park, with flowers, walkways and swings. As they started across the Purple People Bridge (a former railroad bridge, converted to a pedestrian and bicycle bridge to Newport, KY) it started to sprinkle. Before they got to the hotel it was really raining, so they stopped under a bridge. Turns out they should have made a run for it, as it poured and stormed for an hour. 

Rails-to-Trails of Wayne County Board Members
President: Don Noble II, Shreve   
Vice President: Ted Short, Wooster 
Secretary:  Katie VanZile, Marshallville
Treasurer: David L. Lehman, Orrville 



Tom Bahl, Shreve             Susan Baker, Creston    
Pat Glessner, Sterling       Phil Grimm,  Kidron       
Becky Jewell, Orrville       Jenni Reusser, Orrville

Paul Vance, Orrville.         Keith Winkler, Sterling     

Keith Workman, Orrville