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  • #187 Quick connect tabs or fly wire leads
  • Flat type, 100W high power resistor
  • Air-cooled heat sink or water-cooling required.
  • Higher density packing, vibration-proof, insulation withstand voltage and perfect heat dissipation possible.
  • TGHDX with wire leads follows the popular SOT-227 land pattern.
Using the SOT-227 package, the TGHD series features flat type, 100W high power resistors that require an air-cooled heatsink or
water-cooling to reach peak performance. These resistors are offered either with quick connect tabs or flywire leads. The TGHD Series is a great option for applications such as harmonic filters, surge protection, dummy loads, high-frequency amplifiers, and many more!
  • Harmonic filter
  • Snubber resistors • Surge protection
  • Breeder resistor
  • Dummy load
  • Gate resistor
  • Dumping resistor for automotive electronics
  • Power supplies
  • High frequency amplifiers

The Ohmite JR series high current jumpers are rated up to 100 amps and provides a max resis- tance range of 0.5m to 0.2m ohms. This minimizes effects on the designed circuit. Five industry sizes are available. The JR series also provides great insulation resistance over 100M ohms.
  • Five standard sizes - 0402 through 2512
  • Max resistance below 0.2m ohms
  • Max current handling of 100 amps
  • Max derating temperature of 170°C(2512)

More information about OHMITE

Ohmite Manufacturing Company has been the leading provider of resistive products for high current, high voltage, and high energy applications for over 90 years. The company's full complement of resistor construction includes wirewound, wire element, thick film, and ceramic composition.
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