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       Healthy People
August 2015

You are receiving this email from the Community Wellness Program in  Toiyabe Indian Health Project's Department of Preventive Medicine. This newsletter facilitates monthly community wellness updates in the areas of healthy eating, active living and smoke free environments. 

We hope that you find this newsletter useful, informative, and engaging. Please forward this to anyone that you think may benefit from the content. Thank you, Rick, Kate, Serena, and Katie

Local Program Updates 
REACH: Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health
During the month of July we have been hard at work preparing community data collectors for our Farmers Market surveys!! We will be surveying community members once a month at both the Bishop Paiute Community Market and the Big Pine Paiute Nawantaki-ti market through September 2015, asking     shoppers about fruit and vegetable consumption, what they like about the market and other fresh food related questions! If you see us at the market,   stop by and take a survey!  

REACH has also been busy with the Eastern Sierra Tribal Food Coalition. This coalition is comprised of a fresh food focused community leaders from each of our 9 tribal communities. We are gathering to build on each others projects and goals and to focus valley-wide brain power on how we can help to provide food security, economic sustainability, and local sourcing to all of our communities!
PICH: Partnerships to Improve Community Health
California Tobacco-Free Partners: Toiyabe Indian Health Clinic, Northern California Indian Development Council, California Rural Indian Health Board, and Riverside-San Bernardino County Indian Health
July was filled with many travel opportunities to learn from and network with partners from around the nation. Most recently we came back from the National Tobacco Prevention Institute conference, working together for tobacco-free American Indian communities. We listened to inspiring and astonishing talks on the challenges we face with tobacco prevention, and heard great success stories on prevention models we can emulate. We bring back to our work new tools, strategies, and partners to assist us in our prevention efforts here. Please contact us if you have questions as we might have the resource or know where to get the resource to help make your efforts successful!

Resources and Opportunities 
Community Calendar

Traditional Trade Walk
August 1st - 4th
Paiute Pass to Hutchinson Meadows
For more information on how to join contact Brock Romero at the Big Pine TANF Office at (760) 938-3355 or Earl Lent at Toiyabe Family Services at (760) 873-5863.

All Fridays in August:
ishop Paiute Tribe Community Market, 4:30pm - 7pm
Join in the excitement of a new farmers market in your community. The Bishop Paiute Tribe's Market will be every Friday at the Paiute Shoshone Cultural Center at 2300 W. Line. Contact Jen Schlaich at (760) 873-3584 or email   jen.schlaich@bishoppaiute.org if you are interested in being a vendor or learning more about the market. 

All Fridays in August: 

Big Pine Paiute Tribe Farmer's Market, 5:30pm - sunset
Stop by the Big Pine Paiute tribal offices to kick off the start their 3rd year as a farmer's market!! The market will be held every Friday night through September 18th and will stay open until the sun goes down! Visit their Facebook page at Nawanaki-ti Market or contact Alan Bacock at (760) 938-2003 for more information.

Are you hosting a healthy event and would like to see it here? Email communitywellness@toiyabe.us
Healthy Eating
Best practices, resources and healthy food tips for you and your community.
  •  For more than 30 years, First Nations Development Institute (First Nations) has worked with Native nations and organizations to strengthen American Indian economies. Announcing the 20th Annual First Nations L.E.A.D Conference: to support healthy Native communities. As an extension of this mission,the L.E.A.D. conference is designed to help emerging and existing leaders in Indian Country network, grow professionally, share ideas and learn new skills related to asset-building.
  • More and more Americans are questioning what they're putting into their bodies and what the effects of it could be. (As a sign of that, Google this month announced it would integrate nutrition details like calories and carbs for fast food items into its search results on its mobile app.) Packaged food makers and restaurants - especially fast food ones - are being forced to respond if they don't want to continue losing billions of dollars in market share.

  • Imagine a community where healthy food marketing is the norm: Billboards, signs, and bus advertisements promote water rather than sugary drinks, and TV, radio, and internet ads publicize local deals on fresh produce. Child care settings and schools follow nutrition standards and are free of junk food marketing, and government vending machines provide healthy snacks. Restaurants and stores have no advertising in their windows, and they discount healthy items and offer nutritious children's meals. Change Lab Solutions is a wonderful website offering resources, research publications and tools for health and public leaders looking to make healthy changes for their communities!
  • The Transition Incentives Program is an option for farmers and landowners enrolled in the Conservation Reserve Program who both have land expiring from CRP and who intend to retire from farming that particular land. This federal incentive program encourages retiring landowners to sell or lease long term to new and under served farmers.
Active Living
Instant Recess 
Instant Recess - Soccer!
At the Childhood Obesity Conference in San Diego, we learned about Instant RecessInfused with all the fun and freedom you got from recess in the schoolyard, it's a brief, low-impact, simple and structured group physical activity that can be integrated into the routine of the work or school day. Click on the youtube link to the left to try your first instant recess!

Complete Parks Playbook
Parks bring numerous social, environmental, and health benefits to a community. Recognizing the important role parks play, many communities are now looking for ways to expand, improve, and maintain their parks systems. The Complete Parks Playbook provides an overview of the seven elements of a complete parks system. Each section focuses on an element, and includes both a successful community example of that element and a list of valuable resources.

Commercial Tobacco-Free Environments

New! 2015 California Tobacco Facts and Figures

Did you know that the overall use of electronic cigarettes by adults nearly doubled in one year and nearly quadrupled for young adults between the ages of 18-24?


Did you know that in California, smoking rates decrease with higher levels of income, with the highest rates observed for the poorest individuals?


Did you know that while low socioeconomic status American Indians/Alaska Natives make up a small number of California smokers, their smoking prevalence rate is extremely high at 38.8%?


You can find out this and more by reading the California Tobacco Facts and Figures 2015 report, by the California Department of Public Health and California Tobacco Control Program.




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