MARCH 2016

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Local Program Updates 
REACH: Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health
Growing food year-round: Bridgeport Indian Colony Traditional Ecological Knowledge Program
Community Wellness staff visited the Bridgeport Indian Colony, a community partner for both PICH and REACH to see all of the work that they have accomplished this last fall and winter. While visiting we were delighted to enjoy fresh tomatoes from their  greenhouse and revel in all of the food that is being grown at 6,500 feet in January!! Not only do they have fresh tomatoes, but they have produced all kinds of fresh greens, peppers, corn and honey during the winter months!

We think that this program deserves big kudos for demonstrating their ability to grow food year round for their community and hope that if you are ever in the area, that you stop by and experience everything that they have created in their garden. 
Oneida Heritage Corn, knee high in January (not July!!)
Ripe tomatoes in January!!
PICH: Partnerships to Improve Community Health
February was busy for PICH program staff increasing access to physical activity opportunities! We celebrated the grand opening of the Big Pine Paiute Tribe basketball hoop and water fountain with a fun basketball shooting contest on Tuesday, February 16. We also partnered with Toiyabe Family Services presenting to their Girl's Youth Group on the benefits of yoga in keeping healthy and managing stress.  (Special thanks to Cerro Coso Community College for lending us yoga mats!) 
Basketball in Big Pine 
Basketball in Big Pine
Yoga with Girl's Youth Group
We also hosted California Rural Indian Health Board staff for a day of workshops discussing tobacco prevention. The morning workshop focused on "Improving Commercial Tobacco Cessation Efforts through the 5 A's Method: Ask, Advise, Assess, Assist, and Arrange." The afternoon workshop focused on e-cigarettes and the community, highlighting the increasing prevalence of e-cigarettes and what we can do to educate on their harm.
Our CRIHB visitors Julie, Chris and Andrew!
Afternoon workshop on harm of
Community Champion Spotlight
Each month we will spotlight a Community Champion who is working to make our community healthier and stronger one project at a time.
 Richard in his greenhouse.   He loves being in the garden!
Richard Wilder 
Where do you work or volunteer?
I work as the gardener for the Fort Independence Paiute Tribe. 
What is your favorite healthy snack or physical activity?
Figs, jams of any kind, apples, oranges, mangoes (I loves mangoes!), any fruit or vegetable!!
What is your dream for what a healthy community looks like?
My dream of a healthy community looks like trees and vegetables growing, people coming and going, working and volunteering in the garden and enjoying this place!

Also, the next "Live From Legendary Skies" podcast episode will feature an interview with Richard, so be sure to listen in here (episode coming soon!!)
If you have a community champion suggestion for us to spotlight send us an email!
Resources and Opportunities 
Community Calendar

The Great Race at Bishop Indian Head Start - March 5 @ 11am
Fun races for the kids. BBQ Lunch for Everyone. Click here for more information.

Eastern Sierra Audubon COSA Bird Walk  - March 12 @ 8:30 am
Meet at BLM/Forest Service Building. All welcome - For birders of all levels!  Click here for more information.

World Water Day - March 20 from 7am - 1pm
Water is Life at the Paiute Shoshone Cultural Center. The event will include presentations, demonstrations, water-related games and activities, and nature walks through the COSA. And there will be the grand opening of the new outdoor water station!
IHS Scholarship Program Deadline March 28th, 2016
The IHS Scholarship Program is now accepting applications for health
profession students seeking scholarship support for the 2016-17 academic
year. For more information visit their website.

Lone Pine Earth Day - April 16 @ 10am - 12pm
Save the date! Lone Pine Paiute-Shoshone Reservation Environment and Air Quality Department will be hosting Earth Day in Lone Pine with the theme "The Face of Climate Change." Please see attached invitation if you are interested in participating.  
Toiyabe Health Fair - May 14 @ 9am - 1pm
Save the date! Toiyabe Indian Health Project will be hosting a health fair to promote living a healthy lifestyle on Saturday, May 14. If your organization is interested in having a booth, please complete this space registration form

Open Gym Session Course - Cerro Coso Community College
Wednesday, 6-9pm begins January 20 - May 11. Cost $10.00. May join at any time. This course is for participants to practice and maintain fitness including: cardio, strength, and stretching.  More details here and  how to sign up here.

Send us an email if you are you hosting a healthy event and would like to see it listed here! 
Healthy Eating
The " Food Sleuth Radio Show " is a great resource for those of you who are looking for amazing interviews and talks by food experts from around the world. 

We were recently introduced to this program and thought that our readers might appreciate the presentation by Valerie Segrest , M.S., Native American nutritionist. Valerie is the co-author of "Feeding the People, Feeding the Spirit: Revitalizing Northwest Coastal Indian Food Culture," and coordinator of the Muckleshoot Food Sovereignty Project, Her presentation in this video discusses how genetically engineered salmon violate tribal treaty rights and pose a risk to future generations. 
Food Sovereignty: Valerie Segrest at TEDxRainier
Food Sovereignty: Valerie Segrest at TEDxRainier

Healthy Beverages
Warning Labels Deter Parents from Purchasing Sugary Beverages
Parents who participated in an online survey were 20 percentage points less likely to say they would choose a sugar-sweetened beverage for their kids if they viewed a health warning label on its packaging than those who did not view a warning label, according to a study published by Pediatrics

How Much Sugar do Starbucks Drinks Contain?
Though we know Starbucks' signature drinks aren't particularly good for us, many would be surprised to discover just how much sugar they contain.

Coca Cola Sells Soda in Smaller Bottles
Selling soda in smaller cans might not only help Coca-Cola make more money on the soda people buy, but it also could push people to buy more soda.

Active Living
Nature - A Prescription for Childhood Health
Nature based education  is learning through interaction with natural environments and materials. There is a great push in early  childhood education for nature based learning.

Outdoor Play
A lot of the latest research shows that rather than typical play structures, young children benefit the most from an outdoor environment that encourages play and learning through a variety of natural elements that encourage children to climb, balance, hide, and explore through its physical features like hills, rocks, trees, and logs. Thank you to First 5 Inyo County for sharing the following resources: Nature Explore and Natural Playgrounds.

Local Wild Roots Forest School
Wild Roots meets in local, natural spaces. The sky is our ceiling, the trees are our walls, and the floor is the living Earth. Our students learn to identify local flora and fauna, recognize patterns in nature, build physical prowess, agility, and confidence, and develop a solid foundation for lifelong learning. 

Painting Playgrounds for Movement
This guide was developed to aid in designing and painting playgrounds with a goal of increasing opportunities for physical activity in preschools. For example, animal characters with their movements can be painted on the ground or on walls or fences to inspire creative and physical play.
Commercial Tobacco-Free Environments
New stories as part of CDC's Tips from Former Smokers 
A brand-new series of emotionally powerful ads kick off the fifth year of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's "Tips From Former Smokers" campaign. The new ads tell moving, personal stories of Americans suffering from smoking-related illnesses, including heart disease, tooth loss, depression, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The Tips ads encourage smokers to call 1-800-QUIT-NOW or to visit to view the personal stories from the campaign. 

Smoking in Video Games
A report from Truth Initiative finds that smoking is often glamorized in video games. Studies suggests that tobacco images in video games might influence young people's smoking behaviors. The report states that tobacco use is prevalent in video games played by youth. Tobacco use in video games is viewed as making characters "tougher" or "grittier." In some cases, players can choose to make their characters use tobacco, and in other cases, players have no choice about whether their characters use tobacco.  


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