Oil / Fuel Sampling & Analysis

Routine Oil / Fuel Sampling & Analysis is imperative to ensuring that your equipment is ready to operate when you need it most.

Most OEM's require Oil Analysis be performed on equipment to monitor the condition of the lubricants and the health of the equipment. Just like performing blood work on a human, you can learn quite a bit from one analysis report.

NFPA 110 requires that all backup power fuel be sampled and analyzed regularly to ensrue that the fuel source for critical power equipment is ' clean, dry and ready for use .' Our Fuel Analysis program will ensure that the fuel for your backup generators or fleet of equipment is as clean as it needs to be.

We recommend regularly sampling the following equipment on a regular basis:
  • Oil Reservoirs (Hydraulic, Turbine, Gearboxes, etc)
  • New Oil Storage Tanks
  • Fuel Tanks (Above-ground, Underground & Belly Tanks)

Do your fuel & oil samples look like the ones on the left or right?
Standard Analytical Tests Performed
  • API Gravity
  • Base Sediment & Water
  • Cetane Index
  • Cloud Point
  • Distillation
  • Flash Point
  • Sulfur Content
  • Microorganism Test

  • Acid Number
  • Color
  • FTIR
  • Karl Fischer Water
  • Particle Count
  • Spectroscopic Analysis
  • Viscosity
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