On Our Radar: SeaOne
SeaOne's Compressed Gas Liquid (CGL) Technology Revolutionizes the U.S. Gas Export Market
This month we direct your attention to a new method that will disrupt and revolutionize the global business models for efficient natural gas and natural gas liquid delivery. Pioneered and patented by SeaOne – a US Oil and Gas member–this game-changing Compressed Gas Liquid system will expand US energy exports, reduce environmental impact, and allow global importers the opportunity to source U.S. gas and NGLs in a single supply chain. CGL infrastructure requires approximately 50% of the capex, emits 60% less emissions, and operates on a fraction of the land footprint compared to greenfield LNG projects exporting an equivalent amount of natural gas.

As Covid-19 recovery picks up steam across the globe, demand for cleaner, more reliable energy will increase even during uncertain geopolitical realignments. CGL will reduce energy export and transportation costs and will open up new markets for U.S. natural gas and NGLs.

Why Does This Matter?
SeaOne is one of those potentially disruptive businesses that only comes along about once a decade.
The Biden Administration’s likely focus on environmental and climate issues brings CGL’s environmental advantage relative to LNG to the forefront. Lower prices and lower barriers to entry with CGL will provide long lasting economic benefits from development of infrastructure as well as investment and jobs. On the geopolitical front, CGL will position the United States in a more favorable posture with our trading partners and will provide the U.S. with new capacity to blunt Chinese investment and influence across the globe.
For more information contact:
Langley Wall
Vice President, Business Development
SeaOne Holdings
Direct: 469-316-5390
Office Address: Three Allen Center, 333 Clay Street, Suite 4700
Houston, TX 77002
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