Douglas Pipeline’s Andi Shacklett and Tom Livingston Speak at IOGANY Annual Membership Meeting
On October 19, our Director of Regulatory Compliance, Andi Shacklett, and Director of Safety, Tom Livingston, spoke to IOGANY members at their annual meeting in Ellicottville, NY on gas gathering pipeline safety and reviewed some of the recent gathering regulations.
Douglas Pipeline can provide all of the services, expertise, and experience necessary to develop and construct natural gas and RNG pipeline systems.

We provide a one-stop shop for natural gas pipeline project development. Here is an overview of the services we provide...
Pennsylvania natural gas is the engine of Pennsylvania’s economy, supporting hundreds of thousands of workers and injecting billions in annual economic activity, a new report commissioned by the Marcellus Shale Coalition (MSC) finds.
The report, which details economic activity in 2022, also forecasts sustained job growth, economic contributions, and tax revenues through 2050, indicating the steady, long-term opportunity ahead.

“This new economic data, focused specifically on the natural gas sector within Pennsylvania’s borders,
not only demonstrates the essential role of the natural gas industry but also the...Read More>>>

Industry News
Oil and gas companies continue to search for new deposits, reinvesting record profits that resulted from the fossil fuel price surge driven by the Ukraine war, according to Reuters.

The revival in oil and gas exploration reflects an industry shift toward recommitting to oil and gas and slowing plans to invest in renewables as part of the energy transition. It also responds to pressure from investors to maximize profits...Read More>>>
Our Services Include:

  • Annual reporting
  • Leak surveys
  • Line markers
  • Public awareness programs
  • Cathodic Protection surveys and troubleshooting problems
  • Preparing an emergency response manual
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