August 4, 2016
Given the recent activity surrounding neighborhood drilling in Adams County, we are continually working to keep our webpage current and easy to use.  In particular we encourage you to check out the recent news on our website.
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ACCDAN has applied for federal non-profit status so that in the near future, your donations to us will be tax deductible. ACCDAN needs funding to support future educational community meetings and to continue to provide educational information to the community for protection against large-scale oil and gas development near neighborhoods.
ACCDAN Leadership and Mission Update
ACCDAN wants to thank its outgoing Board Members who have been a key to our organization's success - Jacky Kowalsky, President, Amandine Velamala, Treasurer, and Marna Deines, Board Member. We thank them for their countless hours of service to ACCDAN, our supporters and the community. With their leadership, ACCDAN has become a well-respected community educational organization. 

ACCDAN welcomes its new leadership - Jennifer Gamble, President; Chris Nyholm, Vice President and Secretary; and Cheryl Tadlock, Treasurer. We thank our continuing board members Jerry Nelson and Stew Nyholm.

Other ACCDAN news is that we have applied for federal non-profit status as a (501(c)(3) educational organization to further our newly stated mission of:

"ACCDAN is an educational organization. Our mission is to provide community education, public information and increased awareness regarding the potential impact of large scale oil and gas development on neighborhoods in Adams County. Example of education initiatives will include increased setbacks, greater safety, health, environmental, water quality and quality of life protections; while still allowing for responsible extraction of oil and gas."

O&G Ownership Changes in Adams County - Synergy Sells out to  KP Kauffman and Ward
Synergy announced that it has sold the existing wells and shallow mineral rights (surface to base of Shannon formation) to KP Kauffman Company (KPK). Founded in 1984, KPK is a privately held independent oil and gas production, drilling and service and transportation company. This transaction has closed and is a final deal.

In addition, Synergy has also sold multiple other holdings including the Ivey and Wadley sites and associated horizontal drilling mineral rights to Ward Petroleum Corporation (Ward).  This sale also included the land for the 35 acre site located in Wadley Farms. Ward has a signed Memorandum of Understanding for drilling in Adams County. Ward has a partnership with Trilantic Capital Partners. Ward is an Oklahoma company with offices in Fort Collins, CO. 

These transactions also potentially affect multiple other well sites in Adams County and it appears Synergy is divesting itself of its holdings in Adams County and has invested in purchases in Weld County (shifting its focus from Adams County to Weld County).

ACCDAN is assessing the potential impacts of these ownership changes and has met with KP Kauffman Company and will be meeting with representatives of Ward Petroleum in the near future. 
Notes from ACCDAN Meeting with KP Kauffman
Three members of the ACCDAN board met with Susana Lara-Mesa, Engineering Manager for KP Kauffman (KPK) on July 15, 2016. KPK was founded in 1984 by Kevin Kauffman and is a family-run business with his son, Jeffrey, serving as its current Chief Operations Officer. They have 1,300 producing wells and offices in Denver and Ft. Lupton. KPK is a full-service oil and gas company that has in house services for operations, drilling, pumping, transportation, etc. They own two drilling rigs which are currently not in use due to the down-turn in the oil and gas market. KPK's focus is on the traditional vertical wells and not on horizontal drilling. According to Susana Lara-Mesa, KPK is focused on production of resources in a responsible manner and "bridging the gap" between responsible oil and gas operations and the community by working closely with the community. KPK's recent acquisition from Synergy included 110 wells (the majority in Adams County).  Their focus is on getting all of the remaining valuable production out of the traditional wells. They do not intend to drill new wells, but may have to repair or refrack some of the wells purchased as part of their ongoing operations. This would include having small rigs or equipment at the sites for one-two days and they do not do 24-7 operations so no late night disturbances are to be expected. 

Activities we can expect to see at the former Synergy sites purchased by KPK include quarterly inspections by "Max" who also operates a FLIR camera to detect any leaks, production trucks coming in and out more frequently to remove product and water, and maintenance and repairs.  KPK's policy is to keep lower volumes of product on site so runs its tanks at 30% or less full which means more frequent pumper trucks but less volume on site to be concerned with in terms of potential spill risk.

With respect to fire response, KPK owns its own tankers and oil and gas fire foam that it can bring to its sites in the event of an oil and gas fire. We mentioned to Susana that ACCDAN was concerned over the tall grass and weeds on the 35 acres in Wadley Farms and she committed to getting with the new owner (Ward) to get it mowed. The field was mowed over the weekend of July 23. 

With respect to future pipelines, KPK's delivery model does not rely on pipelines. They use pumper trucks to remove product and water from the sites they own. 

If the community has concerns about specific KPF wells (former Synergy), please let ACCDAN know or reach out to KPP directly to have your concerns addressed. Below is the link to the KPK website.

Adams County Update
ACCDAN met with a representative of Adams County on July 15 and learned the following:
  • Adams County has hired Christopher Simmons as its new O&G liaison and hopes to hire a dedicated oil and gas inspector in the near future.
  • On July 25, they had meetings with Ward Petroleum regarding a Site Specific Permit for Todd Creek Farms.
  • Adams County anticipates requiring a Site Specific Permit for Ward Petroleum's newly purchased Ivey Site. 
  • Adams County also anticipates Site Specific permits for the Alicia and Afton Sites.
  • The first site to go through the Adam's County new oil and gas process is expected to be PetroShare's proposed 14-well Shook site. Adams County has already signed and MOU with PetroShare opening the door to its drilling activities. This site will go through the county's Administrative Use by Special Review (AUSR) Permit process which only requires one operator community meeting and can be approved by the Adams County Community and Economic Development Director with no further public hearing. Watch the Adams County Land Use Case website for the posting of details ( This will be the first chance for the community to provide input on controls and best management practices for large-scale oil and gas siting in Adams County. You may submit your suggests to Adams County directly through the department for Community and Economic Development or the the county's new Oil and Gas Liaison.
  • As a reminder, Adams County's new oil and gas regulations can be found in Section 4-10-02-05 of the county code. They can also be found on the Adams County updated oil and gas website:
Yard signs can be purchased from Chris Nyholm at 13789 Franklin Street (Wadley Farms).  Please call her at  303-451-7762  to schedule pick-up or delivery.
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