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May 2013


Dear Friend,


What a nail biter this spring has been!  Our summer season almost didn't happen!  A perfect storm of disappearing grants and growing park expenses forced us to think about cancelling our show for the first time.  Our regular fundraising didn't bridge the gap.


The idea of not performing Oil & Water was unthinkable, so we took action.


We turned to our large email list and with the help of local press let people know that without $40,000 there would be no Mime Troupe in the parks this year.  The response was phenomenal!  The result was $43,000 raised in one month!!!!  We are grateful to all who heeded the call and have made it possible to schedule a shortened season of Oil & Water.


To give this important subject the forum it deserves, we still need more of your help.


Protecting our planet and greed mix a lot like oil and water.  As Republicans use Benghazi as a precursor to their 2016 Hillary witch hunt and guns for tots fly off off the shelves, a greater evil is spreading across the globe faster than any terrorist network.  One that drills, extracts, and sucks every last natural resource out of our planet.


Soon the familiar photo from space will be marred by pipelines and pockmarks, the collateral damage of a petroleum feeding frenzy.  And our precious H2O?  Those same fiends are now buying half continent sized underground aquifers.  Isn't anyone going to speak up?  Yes!!!


We are. Just as we have for over a half century, the San Francisco Mime Troupe will be anything but silent. And this year with Oil & Water we have not one but two brand new shows to present!


In addition, we'll invite you to continue the conversation with environmental activists, at our studio, in the parks and on Facebook.  This is the critical issue of our time and we can't lose a moment!  And we'll be out there sounding the alarm loud and clear!!!


But how?  Tough times are still here. The economy may be in recovery but it's not cured. Our plan is to do more on much less by getting leaner and greener.  We're creating a sustainable plan that's not dependent on grants and will ensure that you'll never see Big Oil logos on our truck.


So we ask you who haven't yet, give now!  Your tax-deductible donation could add more weeks to our summer season and will absolutely fuel our long term plan.


It is clear from sentiments we've received that the Mime Troupe holds a special place in the affections and legacy of the progressive Bay Area.  If you share these feelings please donate now and support the SFMT by bringing it to the broadest possible audience.  And come see us in the parks, view our schedule!!


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In Solidarity,

The San Francisco Troupe Collective, Board & Staff    

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