Dear Members,

The OkACTE New & Related Services division has submitted an amendment to the OkACTE Bylaws. The Support Staff section of the New & Related Services would like to amend the bylaws and request to separate from the New & Related Division to become their own division with a president.

The NRS divisional president has submitted the amendment below which notes the section has met all requirements as indicated in the OkACTE Bylaws.

The amendment has been accepted by the OkACTE Executive Director, and is now available for consideration from the OkACTE membership.

Below is a posting of suggested amendments to our bylaws.

A. Divisions
The Divisions of OkACTE shall be those of Administration, Adult Workforce Development, Agricultural Education; Business, Marketing & Information Technology Education; Post Secondary and Adult Career Education; Family & Consumer Sciences Education; Guidance; Health Careers Education; New and Related Services; Educational Services -Special Populations; Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics; Support Staff and Trade and Industrial Education.
2. The divisional structure of the OkACTE shall parallel the divisional structure of the ACTE. The divisions of OkACTE and their respective divisional organizations are: Administration (OCLA—Oklahoma Council of Local Administrators and OkCTEEC—Oklahoma Career and Technical Education Equity Council); Adult Workforce Development (OTWEA-Oklahoma Transitional Workforce Educators’ Association); Agricultural Education (OAETA-Oklahoma Agriculture Education Teachers' Association); Business, Marketing & Information Technology Education (BMITE); Post Secondary and Adult Career Education (PACE); Family & Consumer Sciences Education (OATFACS Oklahoma Association for Teachers of Family & Consumer Sciences Education); Guidance (OkACTE Guidance Division); Health Careers Education (OHOETA-Oklahoma Health Occupations Education Teachers' Association; New and Related Services (NRS) Sections are: Instructional Materials (OKIM), Personnel Development (OVEPDA), Communications and Marketing Officer (CMO), General and Related Subjects, Makers of Policy, Support Staff, (Tech Prep Education), Telecommunication Technologies (Tele Tech) STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math); Educational Services - Special Populations (ESSP); Technology Engineering, (OTEA--Oklahoma Technology Engineering Association); Trade and Industrial Education (T & I Education Association).
Items to add
Items to strike
We will be opening up the voting process on February 27, 2020. This date will be thirty (30) days from the day we post the changes.
If you have questions regarding these changes, please contact our office, 405-525-8906.

Skye McNiel
OkACTE Executive Director