Dear Members,

For the first time since 2013, OkACTE will have an election for the office of President-Elect. As the Executive Committee reviewed the election process, it was decided that the process should be updated. The Executive Committee would like to amend the Bylaws to move the election prior to Summer Conference. The earlier election time would allow the President-Elect to shadow the President during conference and get a feel for their upcoming duties. In order for these changes to be made, we must hold a vote of the OkACTE membership. The guidelines we follow are found below in our OkACTE Bylaws.

The OkACTE Executive Committee must approve all proposed amendments, schedule distribution of notification to the membership, set the date for voting, and determine the method for voting by the membership. No less than thirty days prior to the date set by the OkACTE Executive Committee for the official vote on the proposal, a copy of the proposed amendment(s) and rationale shall be distributed to each OkACTE member. These Bylaws may be amended or revised by two-thirds vote of all members present at any regular meeting of the OkACTE or by two-thirds vote of all members returning a written or electronic ballot. 

Below is a posting of the suggested amendments to our Bylaws. We will be opening up the voting process on Saturday, June 23, 2018. This date will be thirty (30) days from the day we post the changes.


A. Procedures for Nominating the President-elect
  1. A division may nominate a candidate for President-elect, except those divisions having a member originally nominated by that division currently serving in any one of the positions of OkACTE President, Past President, or President-elect.
  2. The OkACTE Nominating Committee shall present to the membership at the OkACTE Summer Conference General Session and via electronic media, candidate(s) for the office of President-elect. Additional nominations may be made from the membership providing each nominee has been interviewed by the Nominating Committee and is approved by a majority of the members voting.

B. Election of President-elect
The President-elect shall be elected by the membership of the OkACTE. Voting shall commence (no fewer than) 24 days prior to the first day of summer conference and shall remain open for 14 days. The voting period will conclude (no fewer than) 10 days prior to the first day of summer conference. 

At the OkACTE General Session, two nominee(s) for the office of President-elect shall be presented by the OkACTE Nominating Committee.   Each eligible member of the OkACTE shall cast their vote electronically once their registration and association dues have been paid for the current year.   The OkACTE President, Past President and the President-elect shall be responsible for the certification to the OkACTE Executive Director the name of the person duly elected. In case of a tie vote of two or more nominees, these officers shall cast the deciding vote for the office. A plurality vote shall constitute an election. If there are not two candidates for office, the office shall be declared vacant by the Executive Committee.
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If you have questions regarding these changes, please contact our office, 405-525-8906.

Skye McNiel
OkACTE Executive Director