May 18, 2016 |

U.S. Law Shield of Oklahoma Independent Program Attorney Robert Robles says the clock is ticking on House Bill 3098, sponsored by Rep. Jeff Coody. It is legislation that would allow Oklahomans to openly carry guns without a license, training, or background checks. Click Coody's picture at right to get the details.
Will Oklahoma be the next to offer state-level Constitutional protection for its citizens' fundamental right to keep and bear arms? Click the photo of U.S. Law Shield Independent Program Attorney Robert Robles to see why this local protection is so important in an era without Justice Antonin Scalia.
Lawmakers are trying to help farmers and ranchers with a growing nuisance problem - feral hogs. A pending bill would allow property owners and others to kill feral hogs without a permit any time of the day or night. Click on the hog to see more about the measure.
Be sure to bring a friend to hear Independent Program Attorneys discuss real-life examples of legal use of deadly force. Click the state map at right to find an event near you.  
A Model 1886 Winchester rifle presented to Henry Ware Lawton, a U.S. Army captain widely credited with capturing Apache leader Geronimo, drew a winning $1.26 million bid at Rock Island Auction Company's April auction. Click the rifle's photo to read about his story in the Sooner State.
Speed-shooter Jerry Miculek, aka Captain Louisiana, dons a tight Captain America costume and shoots at a replica Captain America shield with great comic effect. Click the shield to watch two videos about his exploits.
Last month, Gov. Chris Christie and the state's attorney general eased concealed-carry restrictions through the state regulatory process and through their power to issue law-enforcement directives. Click Christie's picture to see who's fighting him on the improvements.
In cooperation with the Chris Kyle Foundation and the Chris Kyle family, Springfield aims to honor the spirit of American Sniper and Navy Seal Chris Kyle while providing direct support to the foundation with some proceeds of the sale of this special pistol. Click the TRP's photo to see the details.
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