November 4, 2016 |

As we reported last spring, the Governor signed several pro-gun bills that went into effect on November 1. Click to read how Independent Program Attorney Robert Robles explains the new rules on fairgrounds carry and other changes. 
Independent Program Attorney Robert Robles addresses the pitfalls and problems of carrying firearms in and around school property. There are some definite cautions you must know to stay legal. Click to see the video.
Election Day is Nov. 8, 2016. Currently, there is no law in Oklahoma prohibiting the open or concealed carry of a firearm at a polling place. However, the CCL holder will be in big trouble if he or she mistakenly enters a polling area located in a prohibited place. Click to see the details. 

Oklahoma has restrictions on the sale, transfer, and possession of firearms that are separate and distinct from the federal restrictions. Click to read a book excerpt from Oklahoma Gun Law: Armed And Educated to learn about state rules you need to know.  
We have now opened in Arkansas. If you have friends or loved ones in Arkansas, please let them know about all the benefits of U.S. Law Shield. Click to learn more. 

There are no state initiatives anywhere in the country seeking to expand gun rights in the November 8 election. Instead, four states seek to further restrict gun sales and transfers. Will these state-level initiatives get transferred to your "currently" gun-friendly state? Click to see how it's being done elsewhere.   
An employee of a jewelry store pulled an AK-47 from behind the counter to stop four would-be armed robbers. One of the robbers started shooting, prompting multiple employees to return fire, killing the suspect.  Click to read more about this classic legal-self-defense scenario.

The Ruger LCP has sold in greater numbers than just about any other modern 380 ACP pistol. For members who haven't had a chance to shoot this pocket pistol, U.S. Law Shield conducted accuracy testing and combat-style firing drills at 5, 7, and 10 yards with six different loads to show you what the little gun can do. Click to see the results.  

A Member loaned a gun to his son. Some months later, the son told the Member that he, the son, had pawned the Member's gun. What should the Member do to protect himself against possible misuse of the gun in the future? Tricky question, which an Independent Program Attorney addresses. Click here to see the answer.  
Did you know there are dozens of videos addressing all manner of legal questions on our YouTube Channel? Protective orders, traveling tips, what to do during a traffic stop if you're carrying, and many other topics. Click here to watch a video of topics you can access as a member.  

Keith Gullens, a 26-year-old felon, thought he was doing the right thing when he returned a handgun to a gun store after he discovered his friend had stolen it. Click to see why that good intention had a bad outcome for Mr. Gullens. 


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