Willkommen zum Oktoberfest!
St. Francis Fest
Guten Tag Franciscans!
(as they say in Germany)
Good day Franciscans!
St. Francis is gearing up for our very own annual St. Francis Fest or Oktoberfest Celebration following our regularly scheduled service this next Sunday, October 7 , in the Great Hall.
Talentierter Koch und Verlockende Speisekarte
Talented Chef and Enticing Menu

You will not want to miss this special f eier ( celebration)! We can guarantee that the cuisine will be as ausgezeichnet (excellent) as our own German chef in residence, Mike Ludlow, who will be the koch (chef) for the event. Mike will be preparing his homemade Sauerbraten, Spaetzle and Cabbage. Getränke (drinks) will be available because what German meal would be complete without German Bier!

Please RSVP with us by letting us know what side accompaniment you will be bringing and dropping off your $5.00 per adult suggested donation .

Donations and proceeds of onsite auction of small items will go %100 toward helping St. Paul's Episcopal in Orange, Texas continue to rebuild after Hurricane Harvey.

Remember Father David calling for a donation of your talents in making small items? Well this is the occasion we were waiting for; they will be auctioned off at the event so please finish up those last details. Please don't hesitate to contact Linda Frick or Gail Avots with any questions.
Beiträge Ermutigt
Contributions Encouraged
We welcome contributions of meal accompaniments with German flair or the own the own personal flair of your choosing!

Suggestions for salads are Kartoffelsalat (G erman potato), three-bean, Rote Bete Salate (beet), Nudelsalat (pasta with hard boiled eggs, ham & veg), Bohnensalat (green been), Gurkensalat ( cucumber), pea, Salat der frohlichen Garnterin (happy gardener's salad) , Radi und Radieschen (Bavarian Radish Salad with Vinigerette) , or any salad of your choosing!

Our very own Rector, Fr. David Krause, has offered to make his famous Kartoffelsalat (German potato salad) and we can all judge to see if his cooking ability can measure up to his speaking ability!

Ideas for traditional German sides might be Sauerkraut (fermented cabbage), Schnitzel (fried chicken cutlets), Hausgemachte Brezelen or this (homemade pretzels), Krausalat (German coleslaw), Kartoffelbrei (mashed potatoes), Griesskloesschen (semolina dumplings), Kroketten (croquettes), Wirsing (savoy cabbage), Kartoffelpuffer (potato fritters), Blaukraut (red cabbage), Allerheiligenzopf (all saints bread), Kartoffelauflauf (potato casserole with cheese), Süßkartoffelauflauf mit Äpfeln (sweet potatoes with apples), Eingelegter süß-saurer Butternusskürbis (pickled sweet & sour butternut squash)

*Hint: If you google the German recipe name you are more likely to find German recipes rather than their American counterparts, but if you click on any of the name above you can find a recipe. However, feel free to choose your own or to bring whatever you want, regardless of if it is German or not!
Nachspeisen und Küchenhilfe
Desserts & Help in the Kitchen
We will also need desserts, German bakery bread, butter and iced tea.

Ideas for authentic german desserts might be Apfelstrudel (apple strudel), Bienenstich (bee sting cake), Mandelhörner (Almond Horns), Nussecken (Nut Corners), Dresdner Eierschecke (cake), Kaiserschmarrn (fluffy shredded pancakes), Apfelweintorte (cider cake), Deutscher Streuselkuchen (German streusel crumb cake), Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (black forest cake), Zitronenrolle (lemon cake roll), Orangenplaetzchen (orange liqueur cookies), Erdbeertorte (strawberry sponge cake), or a Linzer Torte, but feel free to contribute whatever you'd like!

Also, any help in the kitchen before and after would be deeply appreciated.
Please let me know if you can provide a salad, dessert, bread, or any of the above.
Kontaktiere uns
Contact Us
We are going to have a real German Fall Festival, so dust off your lederhosen or pettipants and join the fun! Please let me hear from you, if you can help with side dishes or in the kitchen.

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