Acrylic by Cheryl O
Old Forest - by Cheryl O
Acrylic - 30" x 24"
On gallery canvas ready to hang
$952.00 + HST - Shipping Additional

There was such an enthusiastic response to the student collages that were featured in last week's art newsletter - I just had to share some of the comments here...

"These are wonderful!" E.L.
"These collages are fabulous!" B.H.
"These pieces are so inspirational! The craftmanship is marvelous." B.F.
"Very creative." R.S.
"These collages are definitely in the "WOW" category!" Y.C. "These collages bring a smile to my face." S.F.
"Oh my... love these." S.C.
"Wow! What a great group of artists." M.Y.
"They are really quite wonderful." P.L.
"Absolutely beautiful." C.I.
"Love these." K.A.
"Amazing!!! I really enjoyed seeing everyone's creations. And done online!" J.K. [Most were.]
"Fantastic..." M.T.
"Just LOVE the works your students completed this round." J.W.
"Beautiful. How amazing is that." H.J.
"...pretty amazing collages. Great work!" C.A.

And more! Thanks to each of you who emailed to cheer the students on. Students - you are awesome!


A Painter Ponders

I am thankful for imagination. You see, artists are always imagining, and then bringing that imagining to life with paintings, or music, or dance, or writing. What you can imagine can become a wonderful real work of art; or even a way of life. The expression 'living the dream' captures this well. Hope requires imagination, as does faith. Such precious things! So today, I hope that you can imagine better days to come. They will!


Stay safe, stay well, and peace be with you.
Cheryl O
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Painting by Cheryl O
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