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MEDIA CONTACT: Cynthia Grisolia, (502) 863-1775, cindy@oldfriendsequine.org, or Barbara Fossum, (502) 863-1775, barbara@oldfriendsequine.org

Join Old Friends 
"Horses Healthy at Home" 

As you are likely aware, the current global health crisis has caused us to halt our tourism operations and quarantine the farm. Good news: We have begun a partial reopening, and we're so happy to welcome back small numbers of guests as we continue to adhere to CDC guidelines and those set forth by the Commonwealth of Kentucky Department of Health. Bad news: It's still a fraction of our usual tourism traffic, and we know that due to health concerns and/or travel restrictions many of you may still not be able to visit. 

With only small numbers of visitors, and with the cancellation of our annual farm fundraising events, a significant revenue stream has dried up. As we continue to weather this crisis, many of you have asked us how you can help. So we decided to offer our friends and supporters this targeted set of sponsorship opportunities to keep our supply chains healthy. Maybe there's one here that fits your budget. We'll even include a free gift!

If you are interested in sponsoring an item, please make checks payable to 
Old Friends and return to:
Old Friends
1841 Paynes Depot Rd.
Georgetown, KY 40324
ATTN Horses Healthy at Home

Or call us at (502) 863-1775 to donate with a credit card.

You can also visit our online page 
"Horses Healthy at Home" 

Thank you for your kindness and support!

Sponsorship Opportunities
Tribute Kalm Ultra®  Feed
 One bag                    $17.50
 One day of feed        $210.00
One week (85 bags)   $1,487.50

Hay  (daily=50 bales, approximate)
One bale                        $6.00
One round bale              $53.00
One day of hay              $300.00
One week of hay            $2,100.00

Carrots  (week=2 bags)
One 50 lb bag                    $22.00
One week of carrots          $44.00
One month of carrots        $176.00

Farrier visit (multiple horses)
One farm visit                    $300.00
Six months                         $1,200.00
One year (approximate)     $2,400.00

Spring vaccinations  ( Vetera Gold-XP)
1 Dose                    $45.65
5 doses                   $228.25
10 doses                 $456.50
25 doses                 $1,141.25

Halter with name plates
1 Halter                     $50.00
2 Halters                    $100.00

And More Ways to Feed the Farm

Visit with the equine dentist
Single visit         $75.00
2 horses             $150.00
5 horses             $375.00

Pyranha Wipe N' Spray™
One quart          $18.60
Gallon               $61.40

Cashel® fly mask, horse, 
no ears
Single mask             $20.00
5 masks                $100.00

Quest® Plus gel wormer
Single dose           $13.29
6-pack                  $74.74
10-pack                $132.90

3M Vetrap™, 4-inch
One roll                  $1.69
18-count box            $26.23

Gift Cards 
(Office Depot, Staples, Walmart)       $25 - $100

For your sponsorship, your name will be added to our website 
"Wall of Thanks" and you'll receive the following tiered gift:

$5 & up.................................Set of  five (5) Old Friends bookmarks

$100 & up.............................Set of five (5) Old Friends bookmarks + the Old                                                                        Friends magazine

$250 & up..............................Books: Your choice of T he History of.. or Celebrating Old                                                     Friends by Rick Capone

$500 & up...............................A private tour of Old Friends farm for four (4) adults

$1,000 & up............................A private Founder's tour with Michael Blowen                                                                        for two (2) adults

$2,000 & up............................A private Founder's tour with Michael Blowen                                                                        for four adults + a tribute plaque on barn wall of honor.    

For more information visit our 
"Horses Healthy at Home" 
page  on our website.

Old Friends is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that cares for over 200 retired racehorses. It's Dream Chase Farm, located in Georgetown, KY, is open to tourists daily by appointment. Old Friends also has a satellite facilities: Old Friends at Cabin Creek: The Bobby Frankel Division in Greenfield Center, N.Y. For more information on tours or to make a donation, contact the main farm at (502) 863-1775 or see their website at www.oldfriendsequine.org.