We have a winner!
Thank you for entering our Filly naming contest and for voting for one of the five finalists. As they say at the Oscars...And the winner is: GOLDISOCKS! Congratulations to Vicki Stoltz who was the first to submit the name for consideration based on date and time of the email.

But wait, there's a little bit more to our story.
While the five finalists were put through the Jockey Club online registry and the names were deemed available, in the time it took to gather the final votes and officially submit the name, someone else claimed it (what are the odds? ) But thanks to the kind people at the Jockey Club, we were able to alter the name slightly and secure it for our girl.

As of today, High Heels '19 is a fully registered Thoroughbred under the name OUR GOLDISOX. It's fitting, we think, as she is, in fact, ours and always will be.

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