The Old Guard, Inc.
Volume 56                                                No. 3



Nov 5           Milla Riggio, Trinity College
                      "Tales of Shakespeare "
                      Introduced by: Jonathan Stolzenberg
                      STORYTELLER: Jonathan Stolzenberg

Nov 12           Jeffrey Ward, Chief Scientist, 
                       CT Agricultural Experiment Station
                       "History of Connecticut Forests "
                        Introduced by: Ron Van Winkle
                        STORYTELLER: Lou Aiello

Nov 19            Ed Guay
                        "The Economic Outlook"
                        Introduced by: Ron Van Winkle
                        STORYTELLER: Bill Whedon

Nov 26           Michael Chase
                       "How to Become a Federal Criminal "
                       Introduced by: Ron Van Winkle
                       STORYTELLER: Mark Fox

PRESIDENTS MESSAGE                  Tom Goodrum, President
The Old Guard year continues. So far, the speakers have been excellent with different kinds of topics, messages and presentations. Our Vice-President, Ron Van Winkle, also has been very flexible, when two of his original speakers called to cancel. Ron was quick to schedule an excellent replacement speaker in time for the meeting (great to have a rolodex like Ron Van Winkle). We look forward to the November speakers that Ron has booked ("at this time"). As of this writing, we have voted in 10 new members; this represents 25% of our 40 new member goal. The Foodshare food sorting has had two successful sessions; thank you Old Guard volunteers; they will continue each month; thank you Bill Higgins and Don Himes.
November is a weather turning point; cooler temperatures and many opportunities for raking leaves. November 5 will be voting day for several towns; please vote. Bowling has started; come and join other Old Guard members on Thursdays mornings. UConn hockey tickets are available. Foodshare monthly food sorting continues and the pre-Thanksgiving assistance with Foodshare in collecting turkeys at the Stop & Shop, 176 Newington Road, West Hartford, is scheduled for November 23 & 24. Stay tuned for whatever else gets planned. Also, enjoy Thanksgiving, turkey, family, friends and football; it is a blessed holiday.
STORYTELLERS                                Bernie Weiss/Jim Doran
Ah, November, the month of Thanksgiving. One thing for which to be thankful is that the holiday falls on a Thursday, so we won't miss hearing from anyone in this impressive line-up of Storytellers: Jonathan Stolzenberg on the 5th, Lou Aiello on the 12th, Bill Whedon on the 19th, and Mark Fox on the 26th. Another reason for thanks is that spring dates are still open for members who want to star in the Storyteller role. Interested ? Contact Jim Doran (860-521-0314; ) or Bernie Weiss (860-521-3902; ).
HOSPITALITY                                       Ray Goulet, Chairman
To any members who do not have transportation and wish to attend the weekly meetings please call 860-521-9567 and arrangements will be made with a fellow member in your area to provide you with transportation.

BOWLING                                              Gene Knorr, Chairman
Old Guard Bowling takes place at Callahan's Bowl O Rama, 2143 Berlin Turnpike, Newington CT 06111 on Thursdays at 9:00 am. The cost is $8.00 plus 0.25 for automatic scoring; they provide free shoes and coffee. The bowling season will run from October 17, 2019 to the first part of April 2020 (date TBD). New bowlers are always welcome.
FOODSHARE VOLUNTEER EVENTS       Don Himes & Bill Higgins
We supported our first Foodshare sort and package volunteer event of the new Old Guard season.  The effort was a resounding success!!  We sorted and packaged 5,011 pounds of food, condiments, and other household goods.  We had 8 Old guard members as well as one spouse supporting the event.  Great job by all!!!  Our next event at Foodshare is October 18 from 8:30 - 11:30 at the Foodshare facility in Bloomfield.  We still have open spots for this event.  Old Guard members as well as other family members are encouraged to sign up for these events.  Please go to the Old Guard website and click the Civic Activity link and then the Foodshare link to register for the event.  Members who have supported an event at food share need to develop a volunteer profile with Foodshare to be able to register to volunteer at the facility.  See Bill Higgins or Don Himes if you need help.
As many of us noticed recently in the news that the Shop Rite store on Kane Street is closing right before Thanksgiving and the the planned turkey drive will not be held at that store.  Foodshare is trying to get a back-up store to hold the event.  They are trying to get Stop & Shop in that same area of Hartford on Park Road. We will keep the members posted on the progress here.
UCONN HEALTH VOLUNTEERS    Bob Henricks, Chairman
We need more volunteers to help out at UConn Health Center with incoming patients. As usual, Old Guard members are volunteering at UCHC in the Musculoskeletal (MSI) during mornings and afternoons on Mon., Wed., Thurs., or on Fri. am. We help patients by answering different questions about departments, directions and transportation, aiding with and moving wheelchairs and sometimes doing the unexpected. If you are interested, currently there are 3 guys filling out the info forms to join, please contact Bob Henricks to see the present schedule for volunteers and what half days, are available for 1 or 2 O.G.'s. To get more info please call me at (860) 716-8509 or find me at the Tuesday meeting.
SENIORS JOB BANK                       Hank Boulton, Chairman
The Seniors Job Bank is celebrating its 40th year of operation. Old Guard members were instrumental in re-opening the organization in 2013 and eleven Old Guard members are currently serving on the SJB Board of Directors. The SJB will be conducting a 40th anniversary fund raiser for 40 days beginning on Labor Day. A celebratory event will be held on September 24 from 5 to 7 p.m., at the Governor's Mansion. Tickets are available for purchase for $40 each with additional contributions encouraged. Help SJB mark this anniversary by attending or making donations. Registration details can be found on the SJB website,, starting the end of August.
The Seniors Job Bank is very pleased with the number of Old Guard members that have stepped up as volunteers, Board members and Officers. Also, many Old Guard members have found enjoyable and profitable part time work through the Seniors Job Bank. In addition, the Seniors Job bank has helped our neighbors with tasks around the house and local businesses with part time office work. Our community benefits from this great organization. Get involved!
Contact Hank Boulton or 860-830-2386.
WEST HARTFORD FOOD BANK          Lou Aiello, Chairman
The first Tuesday for November's meeting we will be collecting money and/or food for the West Hartford Food Bank, Foodshare and/or Loaves & Fishes. November is the month of Thanksgiving for all. This year there is more need than ever for contributions than past years. We have to preserve, protect, and help our community with the changes going on in our world, and have Old Guard out in front as a top contributor to support our community. The need is greater than ever. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT. Our goal this year, is to help as much as we are able for with our contributions, we are helping others in their time of need(s)! As of October 8th we received contributions of $34,000 in food value which includes Gloria McAdams's MATCH YOUR GIFT. A contribution of $30.00 would feed one person for 30 days with the organization cost. We could donate money to West Hartford Food Bank and/or Foodshare: Greater Hartford & Tolland County; also Loaves & Fishes.
1.   For collecting non-perishable food will be for the West Hartford Food Pantry.
2.   2. To contribute by check for West Hartford: Paid to the order of -Town That Cares-West Hartford Food Pantry, and for Foodshare: Paid to the order of Foodshare. Will except donations for Loaves & Fishes 
3.   To contribute by charge card: West Hartford FoodBank on Donate Now. Foodshare (860)286-9999 or . And for Loaves & Fishes (860)524-1730 Alice Hild 646 Prospect Ave., Hartford, Ct. 06105. Let me know if you contribute by charge, so I can add contribution to our total. All money is tax deductible. Any questions call me (860) 970-6502. Thank you for your help, appreciate, Lou
We currently now have most members receiving their monthly newsletter via email. If you are not currently receiving your newsletter via email and would like to receive yours that way please contact Sharon in the Y office and she will make the change for you. All new incoming members will receive the newsletter by email only. The newsletter can always be found on the Old Guard website at www.ctoldguard,org  We always have paper copies available at meeting as well. You can email her at PLEASE NOTE : IF YOU CURRENTLY RECEIVE YOUR NEWSLETTER VIA EMAIL IF YOU EVER RECEIVE ANY EMAILS FROM THE YMCA PLEASE DO NOT  UNSUBSCRIBE AS YOU WILL BE BLOCKED FROM RECEIVING THE NEWSLETTER BY THE EMAIL DELIVERY SERVICE PROVIDER.
INCLEMENT WEATHER MEETING CANCELLATION REMINDER : If the West Hartford Public Schools are closed or have a delayed opening due to inclement weather there will be NO meeting held. Please check your local news, the WHPS website or you may visit the Old Guard website and there are links provided to these pages.

Holiday Lunch at The Town and County Club
What is the origin of Town and County Club ? The Town and County Club ( T&C) is women's city club that was established in 1925 by 13 Hartford women, Originally, they intended to purchase and inhabit Mark Twain's house but found it too large to adapt as a club. They decided instead to purchase the colonial Revival of Theodore Lyman on 22 Woodland Street in Hartford for $80,000. This house had 16,800 square feet,26 rooms,17 fireplaces,10-foot ceilings downstairs, a different wood for trim in each of the downstairs rooms and a large ballroom.
Who is Judith Handler & Mark Levesque ? First and foremost, husband and wife. Secondly, well known classical guitar and mandolin players that have developed world class arrangements that blend classical, Brazilian, Latin American, Celtic and jazz music to create a unique and extra ordinary sound.
Old Guard Reviews of four previous Holiday Lunches at the T&C Music - flows fluently and shimmers with gusto and romance without inhibiting conversation and digestion. The Clubhouse - a great mansion that is reminds one of the earlier days of grandeur in Hartford Result- a sell out and a comforting start to the holiday season. Sign up for this wonderful event on Thursday December 12,2019
Our seats are in section 106, a perfect place to watch a game at a reasonable price. This year we have developed a flex ticket package which can used for any of the 10 UCONN home games at a price that is determined by the amount of tickets you plan to buy over the November 2019 to March 2020. If you wish to buy 1 to 3 tickets, you will pay $17 for each ticket, if you wish to buy 4 to 6 tickets you will pay $16 for each ticket and if you buy 7 or more tickets you will pay $15 for each ticket .Please look at the Hockey Flyer attached to this newsletter. Buy your tickets now and join your Old Guard pals in watching hockey east hockey from Section 106. There are 5 games Scheduled for November. The first Game is against Merrimack on Sunday afternoon at 2;05 PM, UCONN games starting at 7PM include the following opponents Boston College on Saturday November 9, UMASS Lowell Friday November15 and Providence on Friday November 22. Miami of Ohio, a top 20 club, will play two games against UCONN the first will be Friday November 29 at 7PM and the second will be Saturday afternoon at 4:05 PM.
Promote the Old Guard
Buy a hat for $15 and a bumper sticker for $3 and show everybody that you are a proud member of the Old Guard head to tail.
MEMBERSHIP                                     Jim Schepker, Chairman
At this writing, we have most recently added seven more new Members to the Old Guard family, men who reflect remarkable academic, career and community involvement accomplishments:
Larry Carr: Larry and his wife Roberta, relative newcomers to the area, are parents of a son and daughter, and have relocated to West Hartford to be near their grandchildren. Larry has interests in all sports, particularly collegiate basketball. His volunteer interests include work with Meals on Wheels and the Seniors Job Bank. He earned his B.S. degree at Northeastern University and and an MBA at Boston College. He recently retired as Dean at the Wentworth Institute of Technology. Prior work experience included fifteen years at Linkage, Inc. where he was the co-founder of an Inc. 500 company that was among the fastest-growing privately held companies in the U.S. Prior to that he spent ten years at Raytheon, and five years at Bolt Beranek & Newman, an MIT-spinoff technology development company. Sponsor: El Harp
Ira Levin: Residents of West Hartford, Ira and his wife Barbara have locally raised four daughters. His extensive interests include sports of all types, and especially golf. His volunteer work has included service in food management and distribution projects. He graduated from Suffield Academy, followed by his B.S. degree in Sanitary Engineering and Finance from Bucknell University. He retired following his longstanding ownership of the New Britain Plumbing Supply Company. Sponsor: Bill Whedon
Joe Light: Also a resident of West Hartford, Joe and his wife Nada have raised two sons and a daughter, the latter daughter and son a set of twins. Joe is currently a member of the Farmington Valley Chorale. Currently, he serves as the Interim CFO of Evans Cooling Associates in Suffield and performs assignments in finance and organization as a general business consultant. Previously, he was the Administrative Manager of Gemformulas, LLC, an internet sales company. Other prior roles included 14 years as a Management Consultant to small and medium-sized businesses, and a 15-year role as the Owner/Operator of Light Breads, Inc., a producer of European breads and pastries, in Westfarms Mall. Sponsor: Richard Moffitt
Errol Matzke: Errol and his wife Carol reside in Bloomfield. They have locally raised two sons. Errol is now a volunteer with the UConn Adult Learning Program, serving as treasurer, and he also volunteers on the communications and finance committees of his retirement association. He earned his B.S. degree in Mathematics at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, and his M.S., also in Mathematics, from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Following one year at Boeing working on jet noise suppression, he then worked at the Hamilton Standard Division of UTC for 35 years, first as an engineer involved in product design and sales, and later in engineering and business functions. Sponsor: Phil Gardner
Kevin Morrison: A resident of West Hartford, Kevin and his wife have raised three children locally. His interests include golf and bowling, and he now volunteers for projects at Loaves and Fishes, the Westminster Presbyterian Church, and Habitat for Humanity. He earned his B.A. at Boston College, followed by an MBA at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. He has recently retired from the development office of Hartford Habitat for Humanity after 12 years of service there. Prior to that he spent a 35-year career providing his CPA and audit expertise in service to leading-edge consultancy and manufacturing industries, including Arthur Andersen, Coleco and Moore Medical along the way. Sponsor: El Harp
John Rhine: Another resident of West Hartford, John and his wife Jeannette have locally raised a son. His diverse hobbies include woodworking, photography, cooking, car restoration (he is a member of the Porsche Club of America), and gardening. He is now active on the volunteer building and grounds crew of the Westminster Presbyterian Church. He also volunteers with the South Park Inn in Hartford, and on Habitat for Humanity building projects. A graduate of Dickinson College and later from New York University where he earned his MBA, he served as a member of the U.S. Army Reserves in Military Intelligence, retiring after 30 years with the rank of Lt. Colonel. He later worked in Management Consultancy at Travelers for 25 years, and for 6 years at the United Health Group, also as a consultant. Sponsor: El Harp
Jerry Rucci: Jerry and his wife Merry Ann reside in West Hartford, where they have raised a son and a daughter. His interests include landscaping and reading, and he currently serves on the Board of Directors of his condo association. He has interest in volunteer service with Foodshare. He received his B.A. from St. Michael's College in Colchester, Vermont, and earned his MBA at the University of Hartford. He retired from Ensign Bickford after 18 years there, and then retired after serving 22 years as a business administrator for the Connecticut Judicial Branch System. Sponsor: Tom Goodrum
These newcomers bring our total to 9 new Members so far this season, bringing us close to the 25% mark of our 40-new-Member goal for this year.
The Old Guard promotes a legacy of fellowship and service that will continue to grow and strengthen as we grow the numbers within our ranks. Thanks to our Members for your deeply appreciated contributions to this success.
And please remember that there are many tools available to help your ongoing recruitment efforts. Our website,, provides excellent background for interested parties, including our monthly newsletters and an application.
I can also provide hard copies of brochures, 1-page overviews, and applications if you ever need that assistance. I'm also always available at or 860-810-0091.