In this edition of Old Mission Gazette , Nick Kroupa dares Tim Boursaw to jump off the buoy, the Old Mission Parade is amazing, Log Cabin Day celebrates OMP history, Gwennie Watson's niece comes to town, Peninsula Fire Department hires paramedics and lots more. Read on for story links.
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It's official. Old Mission Peninsula School is now owned by the OMP Education Foundation. Click through for photos of the OMPS ribbon-cutting ceremony and picnic at Bowers Harbor Park.  Read More
The 4th Annual Old Mission Parade, a.k.a. the Bay Street Parade, took place on July 1, 2018. Click through for photos of the fun event. Read More
It's that time again! The American Legion Post has set a date for their annual August pig roast. Read More
At this week's Peninsula Township Board meeting, the agenda includes the TCAPS millage, salary for the township planner, a fire department promotion and more.  Read More
Tim and Jane couldn't have been more delighted to chat with Gwennie Watson's great-niece, Leslie Tozier, about Gwen, Claude and Watson's Store in Mapleton.  Read More
This year's Log Cabin Day celebrated all things related to OMP history, including the Peter Dougherty home and Hessler Log Cabin. Click for photos. Read More
Peninsula Community Library Director Vicki Shurly reports in with summer happenings at the library, including the upcoming book sale, summer reading club and more.  Read More
Tim Boursaw recalls one sunny afternoon in the 1970s when Nick Kroupa dared him to jump off the buoy near Mission Point Lighthouse in West Bay.  Read More
Fire Chief Fred Gilstorff has announced some new hires to the Peninsula Fire Department, along with a promotion. Click for details.  Read More
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