SUNDAY July 19, 2020
Ma ny people right now are struggling to find a comfortable place during this pandemic while others seem to adjust positively as needed every step of the way. It's a challenge for all for sure but those who enjoy the simple pleasures of life are faring better than their "party animal" friends and family.

The children's movie "The Jungle Book" offers life lessons that remind us that — in the midst of fear — it is important to keep learning, embrace our surroundings and enjoy ourselves, appreciate our friends and family, face our fears, and try new things.

Thankfully, in the Upper East Side of Texas, there's plenty of fun and adventure away from the entangled jungle.

Our rural towns are a safe place to go for many these days escaping big crowds and looking for welcoming hospitality found in small town shops, restaurants, and places to stay. Featured in this issue is Clark House B&B and the town of Winnsboro for a good start in making your getaway plans. Find numerous other towns offering simple adventures and meaningful times in our Destination Guides.

Whether at home or out and about, learn to fully enjoy simple pleasures. Try savoring a popsicle like our primate friend Phoebe at Black Beauty Ranch pictured below or make your own homemade ice cream with some of the recipes noted from the Southwest Dairy Farmers' Museum in Sulphur Springs. There are all kinds of fancy, electric ice cream makers these days that are fun in their own right, but some of us have the pleasure of remembering the old wooden makers loaded down with rock salt and ice — it was the kids' job to sit on top of it to keep it stabilized while adults turned the hand crank that kept the ice cream container spinning until the delicious dessert was frozen. Best seat in the yard on a hot July Texas afternoon.

An alternate method is to make Coffee Can Ice Cream, a great activity for kids and adults alike. Here's a recipe and description where the can is rolled back and forth. Two people can also each hold the end of a towel with the can in the middle and roll it back and forth (good for elderly folks that need to sit).

Dance in the rain, listen to music, write a song, visit your childhood home. Take your time reading this issue and for more, explore our extensive library on our website . If you aren't already signed up for a free subscription to the  COUNTY LINE WEEKLY  you can do that HERE.
"Shawshank Redemption" by Cheryl Hicks/211 Gallery/Athens, Texas. Painted on text from Stephen King's short story. Note that the driving rain is composed of lines of text.
​Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch in Murchison, Texas, is the “Ranch of Dreams” for hundreds of animals rescued from abuse, neglect, and the exotic pet trade. The residents receive proper food, shelter, veterinary care, and love, making their lives safe and peaceful in their new home at one of the largest, most diverse animal sanctuaries in the country.

Sprawling across 1,400 acres in Henderson County, the ranch has roughly 800 animals of 40 different species. The animals come from research laboratories, government seizures, private exotic pet ownership, circuses, and roadside zoos. They include primates, farm animals, horses, donkeys, bears, tortoises, exotic antelope, tigers, bobcats, bison, ostrich, emu, and more.
Shared workspace became popular over the last few years with people needing workspace away from their homes or when traveling. With the current pandemic, and so many more people working from home, having space to work elsewhere is a welcome relief. Read this article for more details on why this concept works so well.

Check Out Clark House B&B in Winnsboro
Watch the video above to get a feel for Clark House Bed and Breakfast in Winnsboro, Texas, and explore the charming town with shopping, dining, and more to entertain. Rural small towns like Winnsboro are a great place to go during the pandemic with lots of wide open spaces for social distancing. Read up on articles and find out more in County Line Magazine's Destination Winnsboro Guide.
Look At Selena Gomez Now
Born July 22, 1992, in Grand Prairie, Texas, the multi-talented Selena Gomez often stops by her childhood home for a photo op like this one below in September 2019. Listen to “Look at Her Now” from video link above.
Henry "Ragtime Texas" Thomas was born in Big Sandy, Texas, in 1874, one of nine children of former slaves who sharecropped on a cotton plantation in the northeastern part of the state. Thomas left home around 1890 to pursue a career as an itinerant "songster."

Thomas took to the rails to escape from a life of farm work and made a living by singing along the Texas and Pacific and Katy lines that ran from Fort Worth and Dallas to Texarkana. In a song he wrote called "Railroadin' Some," he includes the Texas towns of Rockwall, Greenville, Denison, Grand Saline, Silver Lake, Mineola, Tyler (where Thomas was last active in the 1950s), Longview, Jefferson, Marshall, Little Sandy, and his birthplace, Big Sandy.

His legacy lives on in the music of those who continue to sing his praises and perform his songs — songs that may well have been lost if not for the creative impulses of an obscure musical itinerant.

Read much more about this talented man by following the headline link to the County Line eMagazine.
Covering the Arts Across the Upper East Side of Texas
Nothing goes better with summer than cool dairy sweets. Here are some recipes for homemade banana ice cream, strawberry ice cream and a delicious mango smoothie, thanks to the good people at the Southwest Dairy Farmers Museum, Sulphur Springs, Texas. Photo by Cera.
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