Fence Guideline Vote
January 13, 2021 Noon to 8 PM
Rowayton Community Center
33 Highland Ave., Rowayton, CT

When voting - Mark your choice with an "X"
These are the current guidelines for signs on the Old School Field Fence:
  • The Old School Fence is to be used for local announcements, local events, and local promotions. No political signs.
  • Given the limited space, the fence will be for Rowayton residents and Rowayton non-profit organizations only
  • We ask that users send a note to info@rowayton6td.com when they put up a sign for events and personal messages. This is so the 6TD knows who owns the sign, and we can monitor the length of time it is being hung.
  • Promotion for events can go up to 6 weeks prior to event, but we ask it is taken down immediately after the event is over.
  • For personal messages, (congrats, happy birthday, welcome home type signs), we ask that they are up for no more than 2 weeks.
  • 6TD will monitor this to ensure signs don’t overstay their welcome.
The same guidelines as Option #1 with the addition of:
The “Black Lives Matter” sign is allowed on the fence for up to a year.

There are just two options on the ballot as the group that developed another option has requested that their option be withdrawn from the ballot.
Voting process:
Voting in person will be at the Community Center in the Moose Room, noon to 8:00pm. The line to vote will form in the Courtyard. You will enter the building at the double doors and exit through the old board room door. All persons will be required to wear a mask and social distance. You must have proof of ID matching the voter registration list, just like in a regular election.
Voting by email:
If you are unable to vote in person, please email Andrea Woodworth (awoodworth@rowayton6td.com) to receive an email ballot. All email ballot requests MUST BE RECEIVED NO LATER THAN JAN 12, 9:00PM. Andrea will email you the ballot on the morning of Jan. 13. You must then return the email by 8:00pm, Jan 13 with your full name, address and choice of option #1 or #2. Your email will then be matched to the voter registration listing and counted. You CANNOT just email Andrea with your choice. Your vote has to be counted on a balloted email.