Fermin Cebellas
Thursday, April 22nd, 5:30
Covington Trailhead
Fermín Ceballos is a tri-lingual songwriter, musician, bandleader, actor and poet; born & raised in Jamey, San Cristóbal, Dominican Republic who is now creating & sharing his art in New Orleans.
He studied music at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo and was a professor of music for the Dominican Republic Secretary of State for Culture National School System. His primary musical instruments are the accordion, guitar, piano, and voice. 

Food and beverage available for purchase. Bring your chairs and your smiles ... dancing shoes required (guayabera optional).
Christian Serpas & Ghost Town
Thursday, April 29th, 5:30pm
Bring your chairs, your masks and your smiles.
Christian Serpas & Ghost Town
"Go Country" at the Bogue Falaya Park on Thursday, April 29th.

Boots, hats and pearl snap shirts are the attire dujour.

Special Intermission Guests:

They will be serving up the best "shakes" in town ; )
Current Utility Bills Were Late
On this month's utility bill, please ignore the standard, boilerplate warnings of late-fees or service disconnection. We (the City) continue to slowly, but steadily pull ourselves out of the rubble of the recent computer hack.
Old Tire Day, Paper Shred Day
Saturday, April 24th
Limit 4, No Commercial Dumping.

Residents may bring their old tires for disposal to the Polk Street side of Peter Atkins Park (near the pool) on Saturday, April 24th.

The Big Help: If you know of a tire or two on the road shoulder in your neighborhood, it would be a big help if you could drop it off. If you can't handle it, reply to this e-mail with the location. I'll try to get it.

To Keep Covington Beautiful ... Join or Just Help
Zumba with the Mayor
"If you're moving, you're doing it right"
Sunday, April 25th at noon
Bogue Falaya Hall

Five Instructors: Dorothy and Jennifer from the YMCA, Norman is bringing some hip-hop, Elissa from Star Fitness and Sheron with the blinkn' shoes is coming east from Tangi.

Well, that was nice.

Last week, on a terrible rainy Wednesday, we hosted the
Mayor Mark Blood Drive in
Bogue Falaya Hall. Despite the weather,

What a Success!!

The generous people of our community turned out in full force to share their gift of life.

For the next one in July, I'm adding some music and maybe a little greenery. Mmmm, maybe some
Al Green-ery.

Thank you Sister Marilyn for being you.

Litter, Not so Nice

Litter is a problem that has plagued out community for decades. As Mayor, I have discovered that we do not have the resources nor the manpower to pick up all the litter that gets tossed on to our roadways. No, jail trustees are not the answer. Fewer people littering is the answer.

Big thanks to those residents who have "adopted" their block, their ditches and their catch basins to keep clean. Bag it and put it out with your Wednesday trash for pick-up.

Leaves and grass clippings blown into our ditches are a detriment to our drainage system and considered a form of "litter". They, too, should be bagged and placed curbside for Wednesday pick-up.

Ask the perpetrator nicely to stop OR report to Code Enforcement.
Our Farmer's Market
One of the Best
The Covington Saturday Farmer's Market began in the mid 1990's ... before buying locally farmed and locally produced products was a "thing."

It began at the The Market on Theard, moved to Marsolan's Feed and Seed Store's parking lot and finally settled into its current location on Columbia adjacent the Police Department.

Open every Saturday - rain or shine*. If it's raining, it's open.
Per Jan Biggs, "that's what rain or shine means" ; )

Today it boasts a wide array of quality goods, great live music 52 weeks a year and table of older men who solve the world's problem every Saturday morning. Unfortunately, the latter forget their solutions a short time later. This all makes the Saturday Farmer's Market a wonderful shopping experience every time.

Fresh Gator Meat

Limited Supply
Our Farmer's Market,
It's one of the best
Open every Saturday - rain or shine*. If it's raining, it's open.

*OK, not every Saturday. If Christmas or New Year's Day falls on a Saturday, the market is closed. It was open the weekend of Hurricane Katrina, but did close the following Saturday.
Replying to this e-mail goes directly to Mayor Mark
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