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Old Woodward Reconstruction Project Update - 4/25/18
In order to do necessary electrical connection work tomorrow (Thursday, 4-26-18), contractors will be drilling at two different locations just beyond the immediate Old Woodward Reconstruction Project construction zone.
Early Thursday morning, crews will drill and do the electrical connection work on Willits between Old Woodward and the alley to the west. Every effort will be made to keep the affected sidewalk and alley areas open while the work is being done.
On Thursday afternoon, similar drilling and electrical connection work will be done on E. Merrill between the 220 and 230 street addresses. In this instance, crews will need temporary access to a pedestrian alley in order to connect to a power supply to do the work. It is anticipated that both of these jobs will be done in a few hours.
The City thanks you for your patience and understanding as it works as fast as possible to complete the underground and above ground transformation of Old Woodward between Brown and Oakland.

(Above: Aerial drone view of Old Woodward looking north at Maple Rd.)

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Businesses are OPEN during construction and need your support. Enjoy free valet, Birmingham Bonus Bucks, an Art Contest  a nd more!

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