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Old Woodward Reconstruction Project Update - 6/13/18
Temporary Brown Street Closure starting 6/14/18
With 60 percent of the Old Woodward Reconstruction Project completed, the focus this week is preparing the south half of the Old Woodward Reconstruction project on Old Woodward for the new concrete pavement. Crews are currently installing stone base, preparing for the installation of the new concrete driving lanes, planned to start this Friday (June 15, 2018) and Saturday (June 16, 2018), weather permitting. In order to help keep the momentum of the paving going forward, we have determined, in conjunction with the contractors, it would be advantageous to close the Brown St. intersection at Old Woodward Ave, starting at Thursday, June 14 at 7 a.m. The Brown St. and Old Woodward closure is anticipated to last about two weeks as contractors install the new concrete driving lanes across the intersection at the south end of the project.

FAQ's on the Brown St. at Old Woodward temporary closure

Q. Since the Brown St. intersection at Old Woodward will be temporarily closed, how can I access Woodward Ave while traveling through or near Birmingham?
A. A recommended route to get to Woodward Ave. (M-1) will be to use eastbound Maple. Eastbound Maple traffic will be directed to use the Willits St. /Oakland Ave. north bypass to get to Woodward Ave. In order to help avoid traffic backups, the parking lane on Willits St. and Oakland Ave. will be temporarily closed, allowing for a greater volume of traffic. Motorists will be encouraged to form two lanes. To the south, motorists are encouraged to use Chester, Bates or Henrietta to reach Lincoln for eastbound access to Woodward.
Q. Will there be local driveway access to businesses on Brown St.?
A. Yes. Local driveway access to businesses on Brown St. will remain open at all times while the new concrete paving is taking place at the intersection of Brown St. and Old Woodward.  
Q. While crews are paving the Brown St. and Old Woodward intersection, will other phases of the overall reconstruction of Old Woodward be affected?
A. No. Separate crews will be working on the Maple Rd. corridor, preparing sidewalks areas for new landscape beds and concrete sidewalks.
Q. Is a map available that incorporates the temporary closure of the Brown St. and Old Woodward intersection?
A. Yes. You can find an updated map embedded at the top of this page. You can also go to the City's website at for information as well as the City's Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Stay Informed:  Learn more about the project at . Receive regular updates about this project by signing up for the "Old Woodward Reconstruction General Information" group at You are also encouraged to sign up for an e-notify system for the project at   to get real time updates by email or text.

Businesses are OPEN during construction and need your support. Enjoy free valet, Birmingham Bonus Bucks, an Art Contest  a nd more!
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