On July 15th, a wonderful woman named Sandra Anderson will be taking over the ownership of Serendipity Quilt Shop. I will be spending way more time where my grandsons are sitting in this photo. I cannot thank you all enough for a fun, happy, creative 14 years. I will miss my fantastic staff, my customers, and my fabric supply! I know the shop is in good capable hands and will continue to support  all of you with your fabric needs and wants! You will continue to enjoy the camaraderie and community spirit that is Serendipity Quilt shop. Sandra and I have worked together these past few weeks to make this a seamless transition and have ordered fabrics together. I hope to see you in the shop when I am shopping for fabric (because I don't have enough).

Thank you for your support and friendship from the bottom of my heart. Kathy

From Sandra

I have been a customer of Serendipity for several years, and have always enjoyed stopping in the quilt shop when I was at the beach. Now I want to provide the same valuable service that has been provided to the customers of Serendipity for years. Most of the same staff will be remaining to assist you with your quilting needs.

Serendipity Quilt Shop will still remain your destination quilt shop under the name of Serendipity Quilt Shop of Dagsboro, Inc. The website, Facebook and Instagram will all be the same as well. I plan to continue the community service projects already in place at Serendipity,( collections for People's Place Domestic Violence programs, the Cheer Center Placemat collections, and working with QOV.) I look forward to meeting you all

in the near future. Sandra

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Serendipity Quilt Shop
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