Older is Better, Most of the Time...

Living in an old house has its advantages. You have exceptional architecture, extraordinary workmanship, and the unique atmosphere that only an established, well-worn house offers. But even more, it is the families and people who pass through your house over the years that give it meaning, and make it a home.

Back in the days when people built houses to last, they had a plan and a vision for a place that would endure wars or weather, and stand strong to be a home not only for themselves, but for future generations in the years to come.

We meet in such a house. It's a grand house, built with extraordinary
Beit Immanuel Guest House sacrifice, skill and vision. For us it is a home, and those who have visited, or stayed at Beit Immanuel, agree. We hear about it everyday. "I met my wife in here." "We got married in this house." "We visited so many years ago, how wonderful to find it's still fulfilling the vision." "I became a believer in this incredible place." 

Hardly a day passes without someone telling us how meaningful Beit Immanuel is for them. 

While being a good old home is special, it also has its challenges. 
Old- age requires special care and attention, and standing at one-hundred-fifty-years-old, Immanuel House - may God continue to bless
her - has her needs. At times her aging water system leaks, her fa├žade is cracking, and there
are times when the staff and volunteers work day and night keeping up her reputation - to serve all those who pass through her gates.

We thank God for the armies of folks who have come from around the world to help look after Beit Immanuel, giving her make-ups, make-overs and make-shift solutions in her ongoing care.

But  alas, Tel-Aviv municipal authorities showed up recently to warn us that Immanuel House "no longer meets modern safety standards." They threatened to shut down the House if we do not install a fire extinguishing system in the basement where our children meet. Of course we do want to work with our local fire department and make these rooms as safe as possible.

Fixing up this elderly, historical home is expensive, half the money is already in hand, but we are still short $7000 to cover the costs for the upgraded safety system in the kid's rooms.

You can help keep our doors open, our ministry thriving, and our visitors welcomed. Perh aps you have been blessed at Immanuel House over the years, or maybe you heard about our ministry and the vision of this House. Now you can be a blessing to this place which has been a blessing so many.

We already thank our friends in Canada at First Century Foundations for being the first to donation with a generous $1300 towards reaching our goal.
Join us and our friends around the world to help keep Immanuel's House a home for the people of Israel, Jews and Arabs, Messianic Congregations, a Music School, a Visitors Center, Guest House and so much more to so many of us around the world and especially to the peoples of this land.