What REALLY happens when you are ready to deliver your baby and you are being held in a border detention center?

NEWS FOR September 29, 2014


September 29, 2014


Dear Friends,


This outrageous story must be told.


On Friday, Eddie got a call from a woman named Claudia in Virginia.  She was calling about a young woman named Olga, whose sisters live in Virginia.


Olga is being held in Falfurrias at one of the detention centers.  She has been here for four months.  It seems that she was a border crosser escaping domestic violence at home.  She was in a car that was involved in an accident.  Such accidents happen frequently in border chases.  It seems that when Olga was asked, "Do you know the driver?" she answered that she did.  She knew that he was the coyote.  She did not know the coyote personally.  Because she "knows" the driver/coyote, she is being held in detention under the assumption that she will be a material witness against the coyote she knows nothing about in a trial at some future date.


The immediate reason for Claudia's call was that Olga was ready to have her baby.  Since Olga is in detention, she will not be able to care for the baby.  Someone from Virginia was coming to pick up the baby, and Claudia was assisting with arrangements.


Olga had the baby at the hospital in Kingsville, 45 minutes northeast of Falfurrias.  While she was in the hospital, her feet were shackled and her hands were strapped to the bed.


The woman who came to pick up the baby could not talk with Olga or visit her.  Actually, the attorney assigned to Olga for the legal case is not even allowed to have access to her.  I have no idea if Olga was even able to see and hold her newborn baby.


The beautiful baby boy, Josue Moises, is already on the way to Virginia where he will be cared for by a non-relative.  Olga is back at the detention center.


I cannot begin to imagine Olga's sorrow and trauma. I am dumbfounded. 

Eddie is working his systems to try to intervene for Olga.  The rest of us...our job is to storm heaven! 


Thank you for your support and prayers.

Sr. Pam


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