Olympia Neighborhood
Olympia is located next to Phoenix Plaza and Ephesus University on the Eastern side of Alexandria. While located in quaint Alexandria, this neighborhood is one of the more gritty spots to find a super-powered battle in Titan City.
Olympia is a run-down neighborhood known for its seedy bars, entertainment and underground establishments.
Many of the oldest bars here are historic speakeasy's from the prohibition era, but some are just hole in the wall establishments that give Olympia its eclectic character.
The Port of Olympia was hit very hard by Hurricane Atlas, leaving many of the dock warehouses and businesses abandoned. Most of the ruins haven't been cleared yet and make excellent hiding spots for super powered foes to surprise their opponents.
While Olympia has the feeling of a forgotten part of town, the low rents led many bars, pool halls, discos, tattoo shops and unusual restaurants to find a home here. These businesses serve nearby Ephesus University students who venture into the dicey neighborhood and are helping to revitalize the economically depressed area.
Olympia has many secrets that are well-worth discovering. From its shady abandoned corners to its bustling underground nightlife, this neighborhood is rife with opportunities for missions, exploration, and full-scale battles!