Olympic National Park History
Olympic National Park was established in 1938 and the paperwork was signed by President Franklin Roosevelt. Preservation of land on the Olympic Peninsula goes back to President Grover Cleveland, who established the Olympic Forest Reserve in 1887. By the late 1800's, logging the old growth forest was well underway and early explorers and conservationists urged the federal government to slow the logging and protect the forests. With the establishment of the National Forest Service in 1905 by President Theodore Roosevelt, the Olympic Forest Reserve, previously controlled by the Department of Interior, was transferred to the National Forest Service within the Department of Agriculture. During this time, the movement to establish national parks and preserve the west was in full swing. In 1909, Teddy Roosevelt established the Olympic National Monument to protect the habitat of the huge herds of elk that reside on the Olympic Peninsula. Teddy Roosevelt was a big game hunter and understood that all animals need intact and healthy habitats for survival. For twenty-nine years after that, it was a big political battle to move the designation of Olympic National Monument to Olympic National Park. A president can create a national monument, but only congress can create a national park. The trees of the Olympic Peninsula where so valuable as a timber source, for many it was seen as an economic mistake not to sell the trees to support the economy and create jobs. During WWII and long afterwords, large amounts of Sitka Spruce trees were harvested, both legally and illegally for use in the building of airplanes. Sitka Spruce trees have the best weight to strength ratio and made excellent material for aircraft. It is not a coincidence that Boeing started building planes in Washington state. Olympic National Park currently protects 922,650 acres.

The old growth forest of the Olympic Peninsula is still valuable to many people for many reasons. Still today "poachers" cut down Western-red Cedars and Sitka Spruce for money. Still today there are people who argue to allow "limited" logging within Olympic National Park. However important the immediate needs of people may seem, the trees have much more value as they stand alive in the forest. When you cut down a 500 - 1,000 year old tree, it is gone forever and the money disappears quickly. But if you let the tree stand and support a larger eco-system, people from around the world, for many generation, will come to visit Olympic National Park and see the old growth forest of the largest temperate rainforest in the world. If you have never walked among this tremendous forest, now is the time to visit.
Olympic Spring and Summer News
Winter Snow Fun
We have a lot of beautiful snow this winter and the snow pack should last through the spring. This is the best snow year in a long time so schedule your snow-shoe or cross-country ski trip today.

Backpacking season starts early in Olympic National Park. There will be snow at higher elevations through early summer, but at sea-level the temperatures stay moderate and starting in March there are many great locations available for over-night trips. Check our website for a list of camping locations for any season.

Birding & Nature Tours
Winter and spring are the best time of year for birding on the Olympic Peninsula with over 300 different species of birds identified on the peninsula and over 500 in Washington state.

Olympic National Park has over 600 miles of maintained trails and nearly 70 miles of stunning Pacific Coastline. Choose your hike and habitat; rainforest, mountains or coastal routes.

Whether you enjoy an afternoon of fishing along the river, a day on Lake Crescent or including fly-fishing with your over-night backpacking trip to an alpine lake, we will have a tour for you. Check our website for more info.

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Snow...and more Snow
In Port Angeles, the average winter snowfall is about 4 - inches in the downtown area, which is just above sea level. At the marina, where Ed and I live, because we are literally on the water, snow rarely accumulates. Over the 2 - weeks we have had about 15 - inches of accumulation at the marina and in town there has been 2 - 3 feet and up at the edges of town some people have 5 - feet, no joking, and it is still snowing. You will also be surprised to know that we have Anna's Hummingbirds here year round, including the winter. The photos with birds are of an area which got 5 - feet. Ed has been feeding the birds and he has many new feathered friends surviving this snow. We are wondering what kind of snow totals are up on Mount Olympus located at 6 - 8 thousand feet above see level?
It is a great time to visit Olympic for Snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. We should have good snow for a few months. Winter is also one of the best times for birding. Give us a call.
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I have upgraded and improved the technology behind my website; all sorts of new stuff. The new website makes it easier for navigating on a cell phone and travels faster! I have added many new pages and it will be a work a progress for a few months to come.

International Travel Tours
We are expanding our tours in Asia, Africa and Europe
New Tours for 2019, 2020 and 2021
  • Uganda: Birds, African wildlife and a chance to see the Mountain Gorillas and chimpanzees.
  • Sarawak and Northern Borneo: Birding and wildlife viewing, including orangutans
  • Sri Lanka: The best and most relaxing bird tour you will ever experience
  • Nepal: Birding the fantastic Himalayas and a great cultural experience
  • Mongolia: Birding the high steppes and staying in traditional "Gers" for lodging
  • Korea: Winter birding to view cranes and migrants
  • India: Birding for vegetarians, great culture and great food
  • Cambodia: Birding and cultural tour

Our favorite places and tours that will continue to be on the schedule
  • Iceland: Three great tours in May, the best New Year's Eve trip ever, and a special winter tour
  • Sweden: Christmas tour, Southwest Sweden in June and the Åland Islands for mid-summers'
  • Nicaragua: Our all time favorite place for birding and traveling anytime of year
  • Taiwan: A very special place for birding and one of our favorites
  • Colombia: Birding the Andes and having a lot of fun
  • Argentina: Birds and butterflies, more than you can count

In the United States
  • Santa Fe Birding and Opera Festival
  • Chicago Lyric Opera and urban birding
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Photo: Here we are in Bogota, Colombia atop Monserrate at 10,300 feet over-looking the city below. We look forward to meeting and showing you all the great birds and wildlife and adventures that can be found around the world, the United States and in Washington state. Call us anytime! See you soon!
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