January xx, 2016 

Mayor's Message
Olympics 2024 
In January, the committee behind the bid, LA2024, announced the plan would include a new football stadium. The NFL stadium being built in Inglewood, near Los Angeles International Airport, would be used for ceremonies, along with Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, as part of a concept to create a "new games for a new era."
Inglewood Property Values
The Wall Street Journal ran a story on the continuing spike in real estate values in the City of Inglewood.  From the end of 2012 to the end of 2015 values skyrocketed over 86%.  We are waiting to see the figures for 2016.

Chargers Come to Inglewood
The city of Inglewood officially welcomed the Los Angeles Chargers in mid January 2017 at the Forum. Inglewood mayor James Butts, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, and L.A. Rams COO Kevin Demoff united with Spanos, head coach Anthony Lynn and a few Chargers players for a kick off ceremony.


Stadium Plan Revives 
Inglewood's Real Estate

As the San Diego Chargers make plans to become the second National Football League team  to move to the Los Angeles area, this sleepy suburb has emerged as an unlikely prize among moguls battling for dominance in sports and entertainment.

As plans firm up for the Chargers and  the Rams to start playing in 2019 at the $2.7 billion, 70,000-seat City of Champions stadium to be built in Inglewood, the city of 109,000 residents is stealing downtown L.A.'s thunder, threatening the so-far unchallenged reign of the arts and sports district roughly 10 miles to the northeast.

Inglewood's development boom and rising real-estate prices are part of a reincarnation of a town once known more for violence and graft, especially after a former mayor pleaded guilty to a corruption charge in 2010 after a decade in power. According to the 1996 hit song "California Love" by the late rapper Tupac, featuring Dr. Dre, Inglewood was "always up to no good."

Kickoff Event Welcomes Chargers to Inglewood

"This is a start in an exciting new chapter in Chargers history," Los Angeles Chargers owner Dean Spanos said to dozens of fans clad in Chargers memorabilia. "Los Angeles is truly a remarkable place."

Spanos was now in his new eventual home, Inglewood, a place where the Chargers and Rams will bunk up to provide a double dose of pro football for seasons to come.

The city of Inglewood officially welcomed the Los Angeles Chargers last week at the Forum. Inglewood mayor James Butts, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, and L.A. Rams COO Kevin Demoff united with Spanos, head coach Anthony Lynn and a few Chargers players for a kick off ceremony.

At least some welcome 
Chargers to Inglewood

It was a pep rally complete with cheerleaders with their pom poms, lacking only the traditional bonfire, no doubt because it was held inside the Forum.

Inglewood Mayor James T. Butts understandably could not have been more positive at the event last Wednesday, extolling the rebuilt Forum, the coming of the $2.6 billion football stadium the Rams are building on the site of the former Hollywood Park race track, etc., etc., etc.

His honor set the tone when he talked about the Chargers moving from San Diego, the Rams from St. Louis, and their plans to settle in Inglewood when the stadium is ready for occupancy in 2019.

Mention of the Chargers was greeted with cheers and chants.

Mention of the Rams was greeted by boos.

Clearly, a rivalry has been born.

Los Angeles City Council puts final stamp on 2024 Olympics bid

The Los Angeles City Council on Wednesday gave final approval to a proposal that could bring the 2024 Olympic Games to Southern California.

The unanimous vote legally empowers the city to host the Summer Games, if Los Angeles is selected by the International Olympic Committee in September.

It also means the city would agree to cover any financial shortfalls, which have long bedeviled the Olympics.

The privately run bid is competing against Paris and Budapest, Hungary, for the 2024 Games.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said in a statement that the vote highlighted strong support for the proposal in the city.

The city "is ready to host an outstanding and fiscally responsible" games, the mayor said.

Inglewood Made Me

As I play my last season in the NBA and look back on my career, it feels right to take a moment and go back to where it all began for me - to my hometown of Inglewood, California.

Growing up in the inner city, it's easy for kids to get drawn into the negativity that's all around them. Back when I was young we couldn't afford gloves, so we couldn't play baseball. We didn't have money to buy helmets, so we couldn't play football. So it was all about basketball. Rogers Park, our neighborhood court, was the place where I learned how to play against older kids. The most valuable lesson I learned there was how to get back up after getting knocked down - because the big kids weren't going to help you. Recently, I returned to Rogers Park (and also to my old school, Inglewood High) to get reacquainted with the places where I got my start in life.

I've heard someone say that a man makes a name for his city. But for me it was just the opposite: Inglewood made a name for me.


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