The Omicron variant was very predictable. When a house is on fire, the fire must be put out everywhere. 

HEAL fellows all over the world are living through and caring for patients through this next Omicron variant. We held a vigil on the steps of UCSF on 11/30 for vaccine equity. Our colleagues are debunking traditional arguments against vaccinating the world in an urgent manner.

Bassem Ghali, a HEAL alumni who led the 11/30 vigil says, "Many people, our colleagues, friends, family members, have been denied vaccines, diagnostics, therapeutics on basis of where they live, on the basis of expense, on basis of drug companies maximizing their profits."

COVID continues to remind us that we are deeply interconnected. Our fellows are on the frontlines in 9 countries dealing with the latest challenges of this long pandemic. Until we act to ensure that all of us are protected by vaccines, none of us will be.

Thank you to each and every one of you who continue to donate and support HEAL as we work to ensure that people across the world can access equitable health care in this critical time.

In Solidarity, 
The HEAL Team
Over the next five years, HEAL will continue to support as many healthcare professionals as we can. In our 5-Year Strategic Plan, we outline three core strategies that we'll take to build pathways for a more diverse and equipped health workforce to enter and stay in global health and the movement for health equity.
Every contribution made to HEAL will be tripled through the end of 2021. Thank you for your support in training and transforming a community of health workers who believe in health justice and equity. We need you as part of our movement now, more than ever.
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