PSC Offering: The Inner Life of the Teacher
Zoom Gatherings
Dear Waldorf Colleagues,

The Covid-19 pandemic brought distance learning with unprecedented force into the professional vocabulary of teachers this year, and was then joined by the surging wave of a movement for rectifying the wrongs of America’s racist facets. Together, these twin events present the anthroposophical movement in general, and Waldorf education in particular, with the challenge of a lifetime. Do we have anything meaningful to say and do in response to these societal crises? When we consider that the ongoing ecological crisis of our time, while somewhat on the back burner at the moment, is also begging for thoughts and actions, it is clear that something new will emerge in the coming years, and we should all want to make a contribution that would make this emergent future meaningfully better than the past.

Anthroposophy can only meet the moment out of an active spiritual striving. And yet these turbulent times can make a contemplative/meditative practice that much more difficult to maintain.

The Pedagogical Section Council (PSC) invites teachers and other school personnel to meet and converse together about the challenges and experiences of maintaining a spiritual practice during these times. We will have a brief introduction and then break into small discussion groups. The PSC is not intending to run workshops or give speeches. We want to make space for people to share their striving, their struggles, and their insights into working with the conditions and needs of our time. These sessions are not intended for discussing the hot topics of the day (those mentioned above and others), but rather to focus on the inner practices that can support our rising to meet them and find our way.

Each session is limited to 50 participants. Registrants will be notified whether their attendance is confirmed or will be added to a waiting list. 

Session 1: Wednesday June 24th at 3pm EST.

Session 2: Thursday June 25th at 3pm EST.

For more information:

Liz Beaven , Alliance President 
Amala Easton , Administrative Coordinator 

1000 River Rock Drive, Suite 218
Folsom, CA 95630

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