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On-Demand Economy and the Future of Work

at the 13th Annual MIT Sloan CIO Symposium

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  • Success Factor #3: Collaborative Innovations
  • On-Demand Economy and the Future of Work
  • New Session Choices
  • Enrich Your Products & Services with Data Wrapping
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Are you ready to join forces with the competition?

Thriving companies are harnessing collaborative digital networks to build ecosystems to foster innovation, both within the company's own boundaries and beyond -  with  customers, partners, startups, universities and research communities. Learn how collaborative innovations can increase revenue and profit margin in Part 3 of "The 4 Things It Takes to Succeed in the Digital Economy". Read More

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How the On-Demand/Gig Economy is Redefining the Future of Work
Rapid changes in technology are affecting the types of work we do and the way in which work is organized. The future of work in general, and the emerging On-Demand Economy in particular, are major research focus areas for the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy. This panel will bring together the very top academics in the field to share their knowledge and perspectives on recent trends in the organization of labor

Prof. Erik Brynjolfsson, PhD '91, MIT IDE, will moderate the panel including:
Erik Brynjolfsson Prof. David Autor Prof. Paul Osterman Prof. Fiona Murray
Erik Brynjolfsson David Autor Paul Osterman Fiona Murray

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Enrich Your Products & Services with Data Wrapping
Commoditization pressures and shifting consumer expectations have inspired many companies to use data and analytics to enrich their core products and services, a phenomenon that we call wrapping. Companies wrap offerings with information to differentiate them and to add value to customers, which increases product- or service-related outcomes that include price, sales, and loyalty. The best companies build distinctive competencies for wrapping. This panel will investigate the competencies found in high-performing firms-and identify effective ways that firms are coordinating and structuring to accommodate this emergent approach for driving value from the firm's data assets.

Barbara Haley Wixom, MIT CISR, will moderate the panel including:
Barbara Haley Wixom Ivan Matviak Eamon O Neill James Powell Mona Vernon
Barbara Haley Wixom Ivan Matviak Eamon O Neill James Powell Mona Vernon

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