BGCS Newsletter Vol. II #11, June 28, 2019
"All Things Bluegrass Country Soul:
Past, Present & Future"
Albert and Ellen with Ricky Skaggs in Nashville after recording his video interview
Since our last newsletter, we've traveled to Nashville, where we interviewed Ronnie Reno, Ricky Skaggs, and the one and only Bobby Osborne. It was so much fun to hear these great artists talk about bluegrass as a musical genre, and recount their amazing personal anecdotes, and memories of the weekend when Bluegrass Country Soul was filmed. Here's a link to the new video we've made for our website. It includes some of the footage from our Ricky Skaggs interview.

Since returning from Tennessee, we have been busy writing and proofing the coffee table companion book, titled Bluegrass Country Soul - The Legendary Festival , which goes to the printer tomorrow! As promised, it will have 168 pages, and will be full of lots of gorgeous color photos from Carlton Haney's Labor Day festival in 1971. We are starting to pull together the interviews we're going to use on the new documentary, and choosing the music that will go on the CDs, while the artists at Henninger Media Services in Arlington, VA continue to work on restoring the movie.

The bonus features in the Golden Anniversary, Legacy Edition box-set are still evolving. The audio interview with Bobby Osborne is particularly fascinating. He talks about how The Osborne Brothers came to record "Ruby" and found their special style of harmony. Albert is thinking of including the entire interview as a bonus track on the Blu-ray/DVD discs, and also the audio interview with Robert White, aka Quail, the bassist for The New Deal String Band. If we decide to include them, you will hear about it here!

We also scheduled time to make a pilgrimage to the Ryman Auditorium, to snap the photos of the historic Bill Monroe statue and commemorative bluegrass plaque, shown below.

Many thanks to everyone who has helped our crowdfunding campaign by placing an advance sale order for the Golden Anniversary, Legacy Edition of Bluegrass Country Soul. And, in case you haven't purchased your copy yet, we are still offering the box-set at a special, advance sale price of $124.95 through our website!

As always, please let us know if you have any questions about anything Bluegrass Country Soul!

Best regards,
Albert Ihde              Ellen Pasternack
Producer/Director   Executive Director
The famous brass statue of Bill Monroe
outside Ryman Auditorium in
downtown Nashville, Tennessee
The "Birth of Bluegrass" commemorative plaque that stands next to the Bill Monroe statue
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