Thank you to everyone who has supported Empower DC's
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We are proud to announce the upcoming tour of

A powerful performance that invites you into the lives of women who are fighting for their public housing communities in the midst of DC gentrification. Each show is followed by a talk-back/Q & A featuring residents who are fighting displacement and working to create real affordable housing.

Please join us at one or more of the performances listed below, and share with your friends. This is NOT to be missed!

Thurs, Nov 30, 4:30 PM
UDC, Bldg 52 Room 518, 4340 CT Ave, NW
Fri, Dec 1, 6:30 PM
Ambassador Baptist Church, 1412 Minnesota Ave, SE
*Sat, Dec 9, 6:30 PM
Metropolitan Cmty Church, 474 Ridge St, NW
*this evening is a fundraiser for Empower DC, tickets are $10-30 & you can purchase them here  
Tues, Dec 12, 6 PM
  Westminster Presbyterian Church, 4001 I St, SW
Thurs, Dec 14, 6 PM
Martha's Outfitters, 2204 MLK Jr Ave, SE
Sat, Dec 16, 2 PM
  First Baptist Church, 712 Randolph St, NW
Note: doors open at time listed, show begins 30 mins later. Seating may be limited.
Director: Thembi Duncan / Music: DJ RBI / Script: Caleen Jennings
On My Mind/In My Heart: The Voices of Women in Public Housing is a project of Empower DC made possible in part by support from HumanitiesDC, an affiliate of the National Endowment of the Humanities.  For more information about the production contact Parisa at (202) 234-9119 x 100 or  
Last Chance to Tell DC Council: Stand with, Not Against, People Experiencing Homelessness
Per our friends at the Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless, please join hundreds of DC residents, and  over 40 organizations and community leaders in telling DC Council to Vote No on the Homeless Services Reform Amendment Act!
On November 7, the DC Council (11-2) voted to move forward the Homeless Services Reform Amendment Act of 2017 (read a summary of what happened here). The DC Council must take a final vote on the bill before it can become law, likely on December 5.  
There are many harmful parts of the bill. Here are the parts of the current bill that moved through on November 7 that we are most concerned about:
  • On freezing nights, homeless families or youth who don't have one of the specific documents on a list to prove that they live in DC can get turned away from shelter-no matter how deep their roots are in DC or what their reason (fire, etc.) for not having the paperwork with them.
  • Families who apply for shelter and have been in housing will have to prove that it is "impossible" to return to that housing before they can get emergency shelter, even on freezing nights.
  • Rapid re-housing participants could lose help paying the rent for no reason other than they've reached a set time limit - even if they will become homeless again right after they leave the program, and even if they've received no supportive services.
  • People could be terminated from shelter or housing if a provider learns any "new or relevant" information that impacts eligibility every 6 months - with no limit on what information the provider might think is "relevant." People could be terminated from any shelter or housing program at any time after being gone for four days, even if they were in the hospital.
Low-income residents will be harmed by these parts of the bill as well:
  • Families with kids with disabilities (but no adult with a disability) won't qualify for permanent supportive housing anymore, even if they need intensive case management services to stay in housing
  • People exiting hospitals, jails, or other institutions after more than 180 days won't be eligible for shelter or permanent supportive housing anymore.
  • Emergency terminations or transfers-in which people are displaced before they can appeal the decision-could happen even when there is no immediate threat and for a much broader category of "offenses."
  • People getting in-patient treatment or going to jail will lose their right to return to permanent supportive housing.
Call, email, and tweet your DC Councilmembers tell them to Vote No on the HSRA bill!  See the full action alert and contact info for the Council at  

DC Fair Elections Community Meeting 
Wednesday, November 29th
6:00-8:00 PM
Anacostia Library - 1800 Good Hope Rd, SE  

Come learn about the Fair Elections Act of 2017 (B22-0192)  which would create a voluntary, small-donor m atching program for local elections. The Fair Elections Act would make our political system more equitable and fair by increasing the racial diversity of those who donate money to candidates for local elected offices, leading to more responsive policymaking. This voluntary program would provide limited public matching funds to qualified candidates. It would free candidates from having to devote their time to seeking large contributions, often from outside donors, allowing them to spend more time in, and fundraising from, their communities, encouraging voters to become more involved in elections.
Empower DC I (202) 234-9119 I