The Michiana Jewish Community Responds to the Murder of George Floyd
The brutal murder of George Floyd was yet another historic event that awoke the conscience of our nation. As we saw in the movie Shared Legacies shown at our Federation’s Film Festival, American Jews are instinctively drawn to struggles for social justice. This instinct is not only an integral part of our Jewish identity, it is in our religious DNA. As the Torah says in the book of Leviticus, Chapter 19, “Do not stand idly by while your brother bleeds.”

We can take pride in the fact that following the murder of George Floyd, our local Jewish community did not stand idly by.

In a letter to South Bend Mayor James Mueller, co-authored by leaders of local Jewish organizations in collaboration with Andre Stoner of Faith in Indiana and leaders of the local Black community, we called on the Mayor to “… implement substantive law enforcement reforms…”

Local Rabbis also responded to these events with inspiring sermons and messages to the community. We have compiled their messages along with the letter to Mayor Mueller for you to view below (4 attachments in all).

Letter to Mayor Mueller
Remarks of Rabbi Karen Companez
Remarks of Rabbi Shoshana Feferman
Remarks of Rabbi Michael Friedland