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Welcome to the latest edition of On Target and our new electronic format!

This edition features some exciting upcoming events including the 2011 PHILS, Leah addresses the important issue of how charities should deal with the fall out of the latest postal strike.  The member spotlight features an area of fundraising that is not often addressed as a profession but is so important, RESEARCH!  The featured article focuses on volunteer management from the volunteers point of view, something so vital to our success as fundraisers!


As always I hope I will have the chance to hear from many of you regarding topics you'd like to see covered in On Target in the future.  I'm also anxious to hear your feedback on the new template.  


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Keeping Your
Volunteer Fundraisers
Written By Ipshi Kamal


It's fall and we are gearing up for direct  mail campaigns, capital campaigns, annual campaigns, and fundraising galas. Why wouldn't we? We're fundraisers! And to do our work effectively, we depend on our volunteers. Volunteers can be a huge strength for our fundraising efforts and to make the most of their talents we must keep them engaged and motivated. Or, in other words, happy! We connected with a few volunteers and fundraisers in the city to gather some helpful tips and reminders on how to do just that.


Don't underestimate your volunteers  

"I think the biggest mistake we can make is not expecting enough of our volunteers. We think that we might put them out by asking more of their time. However they are involved because they want to make a difference and want their talents put to use," says Melissa Graham, Executive Director of the Kemptville District Hospital Foundation.


Prepare them for what they need to do 

Training: Volunteers are usually passionate about the mission of your organization, but they may have additional reasons for volunteering as well, such as gaining new skills. Help them achieve that goal by connecting them with training. This could be a formal course or simply a more experienced volunteer or staff person showing them the ropes.


Leverage talents: be creative and engage your volunteers in tasks that they have a talent in. For instance, if a volunteer is a good writer perhaps they could help you craft that next grant proposal.

Comfort level: Make sure volunteers are comfortable with doing what they need to do. Melissa Graham suggests role playing as a great way to get your volunteers comfortable with one-on-one asks. Sylvia Cuhaci, a veteran volunteer fundraiser, attends workshops just to keep her skills sharp and remain inspired.


Communications: Make sure they know how to talk about your project. Melissa Graham warns "because we are immersed in the day-to-day work of our organization, we often feel that our volunteers have this knowledge too. But we need to make sure they understand the needs and the mission and are comfortable talking about them." They are ambassadors for your organization. They've already got the passion but you need to give them the tools they need to effectively engage others to give to your organization.

Be a leader


Volunteers look to you for guidance. Do your due diligence and have a plan so that they can help you execute it. Think like a good manager-you work for them just as much as they work for you.


Be collaborative
Stay connected with them. Help your volunteers feel like a part of the team. Sylvia Cuhaci says a collaborative staff person is key to her happiness as a volunteer. Volunteers often have great ideas that can help your team do their work more effectively. Be open to these.


Appreciate them

The most thanks a volunteer usually needs is the knowledge that they helped make a difference. But other traditional forms of recognition are also important.


Inspire them

As their fundraising staff partner you must help them see how they are helping to make the world a better place. Melissa Graham sums it up nicely by saying that "the primary reason people volunteer their time to fundraise is because they are passionate and believe in the cause." Sylvia Cuhaci agrees by saying that she volunteers because she believes in the cause.


Your volunteers' passion is their greatest strength and your biggest opportunity. If they see exactly how the work they are doing contributes to furthering your organization's mission, they will be inspired and motivated, helping you achieve fundraising success.


Member Spotlight
Shelly A. Steenhorst-Baker
Shelly A. Steenhorst-Baker

Shelly A. Steenhorst-Baker

Manager, Research and Records

Carleton University

by Kim Strydonck, CFRE


What is your approach to research and its place within the fundraising process? I think of myself as the Chief Information Officer for our fundraising activities. My team and I make sure the right people have the right data at the right time. I'm not sure whether I'm a fundraiser; from a narrow perspective, perhaps not. However, if you consider a fundraiser to be someone who contributes to long term fundraising success, and who increases dollars in the door, then I am definitely a fundraiser.


How did you get into fundraising, and how did you come to focus on the research side? I decided very deliberately to move into fundraising, taking a postgraduate degree in Fundraising and Volunteer Management from Humber College. My first position was as a generalized fundraising assistant at Humber River Regional Hospital Foundation. It allowed me the opportunity to try out a lot of different areas. My background is as a lawyer so I gravitated immediately to the analytical skills involved in research. A profile isn't that different from writing a legal memorandum: research the information, summarize it, make it easy to read and the key points obvious.


Many charities do not have a researcher. What advice can you give them to nevertheless make some headway in prospect research? First, track everything you do. The more you track, the more you can analyze what is working and what isn't strategically. Even if you do one annual review of who you've spoken to that has given vs. not given and look at things like industry, age, geographic area, etc., it can help you identify new prospects easier in the future. Second, remember that all that biographical information is never going to be as important as meeting with and talking to people. Research can only take you so far.


You just joined AFP in recent months. Why did you join and how are you hoping it can help your development? I was previously a student member of AFP when I was studying fundraising and found the membership very useful then. I regularly review news of interest to fundraisers and wanted access to AFP to review their newsletters and magazine. I have also added some face to face work to my portfolio, so I would like access to training and information for that new role.

Ask Leah

Ask Leah: We were totally unprepared for the Canada Post strike in June. What can we do now to prepare ourselves for any future strikes?


First, I recommend regularly checking Canada Postal service announcements. You'll be amongst the first to know of any upcoming labour issues.


There are also several tactical options for you to ensure you can still fundraise during a mail strike.

  1. Prepare the text and artwork for a buckslip insert that tells donors alternate ways to make a donation in the event a postal disruption. Then, if a strike is looming, you'll be prepared to quickly insert it into mailings.
  2. An even better tactic is email: it's a cheap and fast way for you to get a message out to your donors. Prepare now by gathering email addresses and starting regular e-communication with your constituents. And don't forget, you'll also need to ensure that your website has an easy-to-use donate page.
  3. Voice broadcast is another good option (these are those pre-recorded messages that you sometimes get). Donors can be directed to a website or a phone number that will allow them to donate. Prepare now by investigating and getting to know some voice broadcast service providers.
  4. Telemarketing is an excellent tactic when mail isn't possible, but also the most expensive option. I recommend using TM only as a last ditch effort, for example, if a strike goes on for a long time. Prepare now by asking donors for permission to phone them (and their phone numbers) and investigating telemarketing service providers.

Put all of this together and you'll come out ahead the next time (knock on wood) we have a mail disruption.

Demandez � Leah

Nous n'�tions pas du tout pr�ts � affronter une gr�ve des employ�s de Postes Canada en juin dernier. Que pourrions-nous faire pour nous pr�parer � une autre situation de la sorte?


Premi�rement, je vous recommande de v�rifier le site Web de Postes Canada r�guli�rement.  Vous serez ainsi  parmi les premiers � �tre avis�s de tout conflit de travail �ventuel.

Par ailleurs, plusieurs tactiques vous permettront de poursuivre vos efforts de collecte de fonds, malgr� une gr�ve des employ�s de la poste.

  1. Pr�parez le texte et les illustrations d'un papillon publicitaire ou feuille volante dans lequel vous d�crivez les diff�rentes fa�ons de faire un don en cas de perturbation des services postaux. Ainsi, dans l'�ventualit� d'une gr�ve, vous n'aurez qu'� ins�rer le papillon dans vos envois.
  2. Les courriels constituent une tactique encore plus efficace. Il s'agit d'une fa�on abordable et rapide de communiquer un message � vos donateurs. Dressez d�s aujourd'hui la liste des adresses �lectroniques de vos donateurs et commencez � leur envoyer des communications par courriel. Il faut cependant avoir une page de don facile � utiliser sur votre site Web.
  3. Les messages pr�enregistr�s diffus�s par t�l�phone constituent une autre option efficace. Ils dirigent les donateurs vers un site Web ou un num�ro de t�l�phone qui leur permettra de faire un don. Pr�parez-vous en vous renseignant aupr�s de diff�rents fournisseurs de services de diffusion vocales.
  4. Enfin, le t�l�marketing est une excellente tactique, mais il s'agit de la plus co�teuse. Je vous recommande donc de la garder comme mesure de dernier recours, par exemple, si une gr�ve dure plus longtemps que pr�vu. Pr�parez-vous en demandant � vos donateurs la permission de recueillir leur num�ro de t�l�phone et de leur t�l�phoner. Vous pouvez �galement vous renseigner aupr�s de diff�rents fournisseurs de services de t�l�marketing.

Gr�ce � ces quelques conseils, vous ressortirez gagnant (touchons du bois!) en cas de nouvelle perturbation des services postaux.


Let's Celebrate!  

National Philanthropy Day(NPD) is celebrated around the world as a day to recognize the work of philanthropy and remember the extraordinary achievements that giving, volunteering and social engagement has made in all aspects of life.


AFP Ottawa's Philanthropy Awards Committee is working hard to put together a memorable evening not just for the award recipients but for all who attend. 


We live in a generous community and this will be highlighted as we recognize the 2011 winners and bring awareness not only to them and their chosen charities, but also acknowledge philanthropy in this country.


You will eat well, you will enjoy the entertainment, you will have an opportunity to interact with your peers and you will be inspired by the winners.


As we are expecting another sell out this year, order your tickets now.


Thank you and I hope to see you there!  


Norma Lamont

Chair, AFP Ottawa's Philanthropy Awards Committee 

News Briefs


Prime Minister's Volunteer Awards extends deadline for nominations
Canadians across the country have a longer time frame to recognize the contributions that volunteers make in their communities, as the Prime Minister's Volunteer Awards call for nominations deadline has been extended until October 14, 2011. The awards will recognize individuals or groups of volunteers, businesses and nonprofit organizations in five regions across Canada, and will offer a national award in two categories: one for lifelong achievement and one for new volunteers. For more information, visit: news.gc.ca.


Ontario Nonprofit Network creates election toolkit for nonprofits
Ontario's provincial election is coming up on October 6 and the Ontario Nonprofit Network has released a new election toolkit to help nonprofit organizations make their voices heard. The toolkit includes fact sheets on the sector, party platforms, and issues facing Ontario nonprofits. A variety of other resources, including guidelines on what charities can and can't do during an election, are also available. For more information, visit: ontariononprofitnetwork.ca.


Income gap in Canada rising faster than in the US
Since the mid-1990s, income inequality has been rising more rapidly in Canada than in the United States, according to The Conference Board of Canada's How Canada Performs analysis of world income inequality. According to Anne Golden, president and CEO of the Conference Board, Canada had the fourth largest increase in income inequality among its peers, and although the US currently has the largest rich-poor income gap among these countries, the gap in Canada has risen at a faster rate. For more information, visit: www.conferenceboard.ca.


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Looking for Volunteers ..  Volunteer Canada is a great resource to both find volunteers, register as an organization that needs volunteers and get find out how to be attract vounteers at www.volunteer.ca

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