On The Edge of Evolution - Uranus In Taurus
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 The Edge Of The Solar System,  
from Saturn To Uranus 
Saturn is observable in the night sky to star gazers with the naked eye. As a result, you could say Saturn represents the boundary of our solar system, which fits the image of Saturn surrounded by its boundary of rings.  
Saturn is the boundary of the known,  
what is physical and right before our eyes.
From ancient times to the mid 1700's, Saturn was the most distant planet known in our solar system, but the telescope changed everything. Uranus was discovered in 1781, at the culmination of the Age of Enlightenment. This was a time when humanity was awakening to new possibilities that would liberate us from inappropriate restrictions in social institutions. In the United States, this coincided with the U.S. Revolutionary War with the emergence of science and modern democracy.  
On the societal level, the key is that the path of Uranus lays beyond the realm of Saturn and its discovery represented an invitation to explore reality beyond what was known for centuries.  
On a personal level, Uranus extends an invitation on our ongoing journey to find new ways to move forward as individuals and as a society.  
Let's look at the basics of the movement of Uranus into Taurus, the personal impact and then the societal impact and a look back to past transits.  
The Basics - Uranus in Taurus  
Uranus entered the sign of Taurus on May 15, 2018 and will leave Taurus for Gemini in mid-July of 2025. Have you felt the shift?
When you think of Uranus, think of words like awakening, liberating, change, progress and authenticity. Wherever Uranus goes, he energizes these topics and brings something "new". Uranus is a planet focused on the future.  
For individuals, Uranus is concerned with the change that results in greater authenticity.  
For society, Uranus is connected to being "progressive" or the next steps to a more effective society that is prepared to meet the demands of the future.
Uranus was discovered in 1781 during the time the American Colonies fought for a new kind of government, replacing being subjects of the king to citizens embracing democracy and self-rule. Societies had basically been governed by monarchy for over 1,000 years and Uranus signaled that the future would require a change for the potential of humanity to flower and embrace the full potential of that new era.  
When you think of Taurus, think of words like values, money, stability and self-esteem. In a general way, we all value money because we can't buy groceries or pay the mortgage or rent without it, which leads to a lack of stability and lower self-esteem. But how much money is important? This is where the individual aspect of values comes in. For example, you may place a higher value on being a good person and maintaining a comfortable and stable home. Alternatively, you might value money as a scorecard in terms of how much you have achieved in your career. Or you might value money as a tool that provides the opportunity to travel and be inspired by other cultures.  
Together, Uranus in Taurus is a time of exploring and clarifying what you as an individual value, so that you can have stability and self-esteem on your own terms.
Uranus in Taurus and the Lunar Nodes in Aquarius and Leo
It is curios to note that as Uranus first moves into Taurus, the nodes of the Moon are in Leo and Aquarius. This pattern has occurred every time Uranus has moved into Taurus for 2,000 years, including the year 8!    
This is due to a unique relationship between the 84 year orbit of Uranus and the 18.6 year orbit of the Nodes. The Nodes complete 4 ½ trips around the zodiac during one Uranus cycle. Normally, the extra "½" cycle would result in the planetary cycles not lining up. But, since there are two Lunar Nodes, a South Node and a North Node, each time Uranus moves into Taurus, the Nodes are in the Signs of Leo and Aquarius.  
With our current movement into Taurus, the North Node is in Leo and the South Node is in Aquarius. But the last time Uranus moved into Taurus in 1934, the North Node was in Aquarius, while the South Node was in Leo. None the less, the Nodes are in the sign of Leo and Aquarius.
The Lunar Nodes represent the core themes of the karmic past (South Node) and the path forward to dharma (North Node). In its role connected with the karmic past, the South Node represents not only the past, but the comfort of the traditions in culture and the habits of individuals. As you might expect, both tradition and habits have a natural tendency to resist change.    
However, the North Node is connected to the opening of life to the next steps on the soul's journey. The North Node reminds us, "time only moves forward, one day at a time, one year at a time, the future becomes the present". So, just like the change of the year that occurs on our calendars on the first day of January each year, life moves forward. Life has a progressive quality.  
Together, the Lunar Nodes represent the balancing act that must take place. Just as in 2018, we cannot turn the clock back to 1775, we cannot today choose the values that we will have in 2102, the next time Uranus moves into Taurus. Life says "yes" to change, "yes" to progress. But life also says, "For now, let's just take the next step".  
We didn't move from travel by horse and buggy directly to transcontinental jets. Transportation progressed from horse and buggy to railroad, then to automobiles and then to airlines.
It is interesting to note that while the events in any particular point in time can resist the flow of change, Uranus, the planet of change that points to a progressive future, ultimately wins over the resistance to change. Resistance is futile.
For Individuals - Uranus square the Nodes  
As individuals, we can't go back in time to the last time Uranus moved into Taurus to recollect what aspects of life we changed or what elements of change we resisted because it was 84 year ago. One thing you can do is to see what house the sign of Taurus is in your chart. That part of your life is the one that will be most likely to experience change during Uranus' transit through Taurus.  
But at a more fundamental level, we can explore the intention of Uranus in Taurus square the South Node in Aquarius and North Node in Leo. Since there are three pieces to this aspect, let's explore the basic meaning.
The South Node in Aquarius relates to your karmic past, meaning the efforts you have made in terms of exploring and expressing your creativity and individuality.  
The North Node in Leo points to the next steps on your soul's journey and your ability to be confident in yourself, your individuality and your willingness to move forward and embrace your path even if it is not fully understood or supported by others.  
Uranus relates to the events that seem to surprise you, to awaken you to some aspect of life and the to demand that you embrace the change in life that leads to honoring the next steps on the soul's journey.  
All transits serve to unfold the dynamics in your birth chart.
Having a clear awareness of the core themes on the soul's journey
will help you recognize the intention of Uranus and the Nodes.
The signs of Taurus, Leo and Aquarius (along with Scorpio) are part of what is known as the Axis of Self-Worth. So, we could summarize this transit with having the self-confidence to embrace the change and be more authentic and let go of the doubts and hesitations of the past. Let's look at this a bit deeper.  
The South Node in Aquarius wants to make you aware of the parts of you that are unique and creative and then the North Node in Leo wants you to be confident in those parts of you. Consider this as being like completing your resume so that you can present yourself favorably for that next job. You would highlight your successes and your unique skills. These skills and successes are important in your ability to get the job and then to succeed. If, however, you don't identify your skills and successes, then you won't get the job. Even if you are qualified, you won't get the job unless you tell the employer that you have the qualifications they are looking for.  
In life however, you may feel hesitant to share what is unique, creative and special about you. Why? Because you may not feel comfortable or confident being unique. We often hear statements like, "But I can't think of anything that makes me special."  
This is where Uranus in Taurus comes in!
The sign of Taurus relates to what you value and your ability to be self-sustaining so that your life can be stable in financial and material terms. Uranus plays a game changing role, because Uranus does not care about what other people value. Uranus does not care about "most people" or about your lifelong friends and family. Uranus is powerfully focused on what YOU value.  
In fact, he wants to awaken you to the aspects of your values that are relatively unique to you. This is different from other planets. For example, Saturn wants conformity and the Moon wants a feeling of belonging.  
Uranus knows that there are certain parts of you that are different, that are unique and that are a reflection of your creativity and ingenuity. Uranus wants you to be aware that as events take place over the next 7 years, some of those events are meant to change your life. They are meant to awaken, liberate and promote change and authenticity.  
Events connected to Uranus can sometimes seem like a shock, but if you take the time, you will come to recognize that they are pointing you to re-consider what you truly value and then to be really confident about yourself and your values. Remember, because we are all part of a society and our individual families, we have a tendency to borrow our personal values from our family and society. Uranus is pointing you to identify, trust and embrace any changes in your values.
Because Uranus is concerned with awakening and change, you may find that events that promote change also promote asking important questions about your life and what you value. So, you might find Uranus actually posing questions like:  
  • What do I really value?
  • What is the relationship between my values, finances and stability?  
  • Does what I have support my self-esteem?
  • Does what I really value reflect my authentic self?
  • Have I adopted my own values or the values of family and society?
  • Do I sense discomfort adopting values that reflect my authentic self?
As you can see, Uranus is aware that there are trade-offs in life. The key is that Uranus wants you to approach the trade-offs that are a natural part of life from your unique perspective.  
No Hurry! No Worry! Learn to trust yourself!
First, while the Nodes will change signs in November 2018, Uranus will remain in Taurus for the next seven years until he moves into Gemini in July 2025. So, Uranus does not demand change today, he does what you to be aware and working on it.  
Second, while Uranus promotes individuality, he does not want you to become a "freak show", tossing aside your career, your relationships or your family. He simply wants you to recognize the amazing soul that you are and to share the most amazing parts of you with life.  
Finally, a key to Uranus is to learn to trust yourself and what is unique in you. You may find that it can feel uncomfortable at first, but Uranus wants you to lean into that discomfort. While the events he brings can feel shocking, they will ultimately feel liberating and invigorating.  
Uranus in Taurus in History  
Because Uranus takes 84 years to complete his journey around the Sun, for practical purposes Uranus will be in any sign only once in an individual's life. Therefore, there is no past experiences that we as individuals can look back to (unlike the 12 year cycle of Jupiter or the 29 year cycle of Saturn). However, we can look back for historical context to previous times when Uranus entered Taurus and the circumstances that arose for societal context.
What is important about this astrological synchronicity is that Uranus in Taurus will square the Nodes in Leo and Aquarius and these times often mark important turning points. Why? The Nodes represent the path from the past to the future and when Uranus, the catalyst of change, is square the Nodes, the energy of change coincides with events that increase the tension between the past and the future.    
Let's take a peak at the last 500 years and the last 6 times Uranus has moved into the sign of Taurus.  
1515 - Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses and energized the beginning of the Reformation in 1517 and changing the face of Christianity in Europe.  
1599 - Giordano Bruno was burned at the stake by the Vatican in 1600 as a heretic for not accepting the Earth as the center of the universe. Obviously, this was a powerful resistance to change.  
1683 - James II succeeds Charles II in England in 1687 and calls for freedom of conscience and the first step to freedom of religion in England.  
1767 - The British government enacted the Townsend Act and others, awakening the colonies to the potential of self-rule and ultimately to the Revolution in 1776.  
1850 - The U.S.A. enacted the Compromise of 1850, which attempted to difuse tensions over the expansion of slavery in the west. This compromise was ultimately a resistance to change, which played a part in the Civil War which began in 1861, which was one full Uranus cycle after the Declaration of Independence.
1934 - This was the last time Uranus moved into Taurus and marked significant change in the realm of finances and financial stability as a country and for individuals. Three important and innovative acts of legislation that would change the financial landscape in for Wall Street and Main Street in America were brought into law. In 1934, with Uranus at 0 Taurus, the "Glass-Stiegl Act" was signed into law, followed by the establishment of the Securities and Exchange Commission and Social Security. The first two brought new controls over the banking and investment business, while Social Security brought a new approach to financial security for individuals, which was particularly important to workers making an average and below average income.  
Looking through the lens of time over the past 500 or so years, issues like the freedom of religion, science, democracy, the ending of slavery and racial equality and financial support for the average worker have all been progressive ideas that were originally resisted but are now a solid part of what we value as a culture today.
One Final Note - Chiron in Aries  
Normally, the 51 year orbit of Chiron and the 84 year orbit of Uranus results in these two outer entities changing signs at different times. But Chiron's elliptical path is creating a period in time when it is moving at basically the same speed as Uranus. So, as transiting Chiron moved from the sign of Pisces into Aries in April 2018, and transiting Uranus will move from the sign of Aries into the sign of Taurus on May 15, 2018. They will remain in their respective signs for the next 7 years. Uranus moves into Gemini in 2025 and Chiron moves into Taurus in 2027.  
Since Taurus can resist change and, in the process, resist the future, Chiron in Aries plays a key role. Chiron in Aries could be summed up with two words, wisdom (Chiron) in action (Aries). Chiron is aware of the complexity of life and in particular, the aspects of life that seem unfair. If Uranus wants us to recognize what makes us unique, creative, different, then Chiron helps us to know that it is OK to be different on those unique characteristics, even if the process feels uncomfortable. Because Chiron is in Aries, action is the coin of the realm.  
If we put it all together, we are meant to awaken to our individual values, to liberate from what holds us back and to find the wisdom to take action and embrace change. This is a time for "riding the edge of evolution!