Holiday 2019 Newsletter
We're Grateful!

'Tis the season to be grateful, and EMO Insurance representatives have been busy traveling throughout the country to our sponsored events and supporting the various disciplines that have led to our success. 

For example, we were in Las Vegas at the Western States EMO Championships, in Oklahoma for the Pink Buckle Barrel Racing Finals, and in Lexington, Virginia, as a sponsor of the VHSA/EMO Equitation Festival.  

This marked our inaugural year sponsoring the EMO/USHJA 3'3" Jumping Seat Medal Finals on the West Coast at Blenheim and the East Coast at the Capital Challenge. We were also a sponsor of the popular Terrace Tables at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show. 

In addition to supporting events near and dear to us, we've worked on supporting our dedicated clients. We've developing several coverages with one of our underwriters that have resulted from repeated requests. 

Effective January 2020, we'll be able to offer medical coverage with no diagnostic co-pay, a colic coverage that also covers medical treatment, and canine limited surgical coverage.  (See below for more details.

All of us at EMO are thankful to be working with you and appreciate your business and referrals. Thank you for trusting EMO with your insurance needs...we appreciate your loyalty!

E. Sue Bopp 
EMO - Ride with the Leaders!

EMO Now Insures Your Best Friends!

The EMO Agency is pleased to announce that Canine Limited Surgical Coverage will now be available to our clients! If you have at least one owned horse insured for General Mortality and Theft, you're eligible for this endorsement for your dog(s).

The coverage for dogs--six months to eight years of age--includes surgical expenses on a scheduled dog due to a "catastrophic accident," and it covers 80 percent of reasonable and customary veterinarian fees. An accident of this type is defined as "a visible, external, traumatic accident or injury that occurs suddenly and without warning to a covered canine and/or ingestion of a foreign object that necessitates a surgical procedure."

Aftercare related to a covered surgical procedure is covered for up to five days when the dog is kept at the surgical facility where the procedure was performed. Expenses for a veterinarian suturing a laceration using local anesthesia is covered via an exception to the "Surgery While Conscious" exclusions.

There are two available limits per "covered canine:" $2,500 or $5,000.

A covered canine is scheduled on the endorsement. The maximum number of dogs that can be covered under the endorsement is four. If the insured cancels their coverage on all horses, or if a General Mortality and Theft Claim is paid and there are no horses insured, than this endorsement cancels along with the policy.

Dogs must be free from any lameness, illness, injury or disease for coverage to begin. Dogs must be current on rabies, distemper and Parvo vaccinations and currently on a heart worm preventative. 

A completed, dated and signed FM 73 21 - Canine Limited Surgical Coverage Health Statement is required. 

In addition, the surgery must be performed at an accredited school of veterinary medicine or at a licensed veterinary clinic. There's an exception covering suturing of a laceration by a veterinarian using local anesthesia. 

Exclusions include: elective or cosmetic procedures; pre-existing conditions; respiratory or breathing surgery; and surgery relating to any illness or disease, including but not limited to cancer, malignant skin tumors and urethral blockages. 

The surgery isn't covered if the dog is conscious or only under local anesthesia. The deductible for each surgical procedure is: $250 for $2,500 of coverage and $300 for $5,000 of coverage. The deductible applies to each separate claim during the policy period. 

The premium charge per dog is $75 for $2,500 of coverage and $125 for $5,000 of coverage. 
It's not often the word "no" is exciting. But EMO is excited to announce that effective in 2020 there's NO copay on diagnostic testing if you opt in for the Veterinary Services - No Diagnostic Testing Co-Payment coverage.

Horses with a General Mortality and Theft Limit of $10,000 and over are eligible for this new coverage option. The limit of coverage may not exceed the General Mortality and Theft Limit of Coverage, however, and the deductible increases from $400 to $650.

Horses ages 90 days to 18 years, used for show, pleasure and/or breeding, and free from lameness, illness, injury, disease or disability are eligible. 

There are two coverage limits: $10,000 and $15,000, with an annual premium per horse of $900 and $1,200, respectively. 

"I think a lot of people would prefer not to have a co-pay for diagnostics; they want the whole bill to be paid," said E. Sue Bopp. "For some people, that might be a better option. For example, if a horse had to be scoped for ulcers, you would have a copay on the scope. But, for the treatment, whether it's Ulcergauard or some other medication, the insurance would pay 100 percent. So, with this new option you would pay the deductible on the entire claim but no co-payment on the diagnostics that would determine the treatment."

In addition, the limits on some treatments, such as shock wave therapy and regenerative therapeutics (eg. IRAP, ACS, PRP, Stem Cell, etc.), are increased per policy period.

Colic Treatment is a new coverage offered in 2020, and it not only includes surgery but also medical treatment coverage if your horse colics but doesn't require surgery.

Hospitalization or boarding charges at an accredited school of veterinary medicine or licensed veterinary clinic related to colic treatment/surgery are covered. Aftercare, however, is limited to no more than 20 days from the date and time of any colic surgery. 

"If your horse colics and goes to the clinic and doesn't have surgery, that didn't used to be covered when you surgical-only coverage.  This is now the complete coverage, from medical treatment to surgery," said Bopp.

For more information about these new coverages, please call us!
Dorli Burke and E. Sue Bopp at the Washington International
- Dorli Burke and Classic -
Dorli Burke, of Salisbury, Maryland, had what many would consider a dream season during the fall East Coast shows. 

Aboard Classic, her 11-year-old warmblood, Dorli was Grand 3'3" Amateur-Owner Hunter and 3'3" Amateur-Owner Hunter, 36 and Over, champion at the Pennsylvania National and won the $25,000 Classic. Then, she topped the section the following week at the Washington International Horse Show, where she received the Bucky Reynolds Memorial Award from EMO's E. Sue Bopp.

"Bucky was such a fabulous horseman, so receiving this award was very special," said Burke of the trophy sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Ernest M. Oare.

Burke trains with Patty and Ashley Foster and Mary Lisa Leffler at Rolling Acres in Brookeville, Maryland. She currently has three horses insured with EMO and balances her show schedule with a busy career as a financial planner.

"EMO is great, and I trust them," she said. "They understand that weird things can happen with horses because the company has so many real horsemen. I trust that they'll help me make the right decisions. I've known Sue for a long time, and she's a wonderful horseman and friend."

For more information about the Pink Buckle, please visit:
EMO was proud to sponsor the 2019 EMO Insurance/USHJA 3'3" Jumping Seat Medal Finals on the West Coast at the Blenheim International Jumping Festival in San Juan Capistrano, California, September 18-22, and on the East Coast at the Capital Challenge Equitation Show in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, September 27-29. 

Congratulations to Nicole McMillion and Morgan Rosia for their victories on the East and West coasts, respectively! We look forward to sponsoring the program again in 2020! 
Morgan Rosia
Nicole McMillion
   Winter Preparations

Fall is winding down in many areas of the country, and while the colors are fading, they mean winter white is just around the corner. To ease your horse and yourself into the new season, here are a Five Winter Preparations to take before the snow flies!

  • Blanket Check - If your horse wears blankets in the winter months, this is the time to take them out of storage, organize them, check for damage, tears, broken straps and fit. If needed, you can also prepare light, medium and heavy weight blankets and outline the temperatures where your horse would wear each or multiple layers. Also, if your horse is body clipped, pull out the quarter sheets and coolers for easy access during riding and training. 
  • Water Check - If you use insulated buckets, now is the time to inspect them for damage and replace any that aren't working. If you have automatic waterers, check the insulation levels to help prevent frozen pipes.
  • Feed Check - If your horse burns more calories staying warm or inclement weather prevents ample turnout during the winter months, be sure to monitor his feed intake, body weight and adjust accordingly as the weather changes. Stock up on good, quality hay and research other feeding options to add calories from fat to his diet, if needed. 
  • Vet Check - If your horse is older or a hard keeper, consider a pre-winter health check. Your veterinarian can provide a dental exam, body weight score and offer other helpful tips for keeping your horse healthier through the winter months.    
  • Pasture/Paddock Check - Take the time now to check the perimeter of your turnouts for loose boards, broken rails, sharp edges and other fencing issues that could be further damaged by inclement weather. You can also improve drainage to chronically muddy areas, such as around gates, run-in sheds and other areas where your horses congregate, before the ground freezes.   


Congratulations to EMO's Chris Hocutt on the induction of her late Bell Of The Barn into the PCQHA Hall of Fame! To view their remarkable and touching story together, please view the induction video here!
Bell Induction Video
Bell Induction Video
Congratulations to Shaw Johnson-Price, of Chestertown, Maryland, for winning the EMO Trip of the Show in the 3'3" Amateur-Owner Hunters at  The Capital Challenge Horse Show ! She earned a score of 90 aboard River and also captured the 3'3" Amateur-Owner Hunter, 36 and over, championship. Special thanks to EMO's Sue Bopp for being on-hand to present the award!

Congratulations to Kristina Arroyo and Cowboy Up for winning multiple championships at EMO California State Championships! The 2019 EMO California State Championship was held October 5-6 in conjunction with the Fall Class AQHA Show in Paso Robles. 
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Winter - Winter Equestrian Festival - Wellington, Florida

Mike Moran:
January/February/March - Desert Circuit - Thermal, California
  January - PCHA Awards Banquet - San Diego, California

Chris Hocutt:
January - PCQHA Year-End Awards - Los Alamitos Race Track, California
February - Silver Dollar Circuit - Las Vegas, Nevada
February/March - Arizona Sun Country Circuit - Scottsdale, Arizona
March - AQHA Convention - Las Vegas, Nevada

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