Consuming less means throwing away less, while reusing things actually helps to save the planet as well as the pennies.

-Sheherazade Goldsmith
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This month we're featuring ROMAC's expert reconditioning department. For decades ROMAC has been a leader in reconditioning, retrofitting, and retrofilling all types of industrial electrical equipment. ROMAC helped found PEARL (Professional Electrical Apparatus Reconditioning League); an organization that, over the years, has established rigorous standards for reconditioned electrical equipment. Reconditioning electrical equipment--the right way--requires experts in various disciplines, attention to detail, and an efficient operation--ROMAC's team checks off all the boxes.

So, please take a look at some of our recent projects on the recon bench...
On The Recon Bench
ROMAC's RECON team has been busy reconditioning and retrofitting many insulated case and air breakers for customers nationwide. Here are some of the completed projects.
ITE Medium Voltage 5kV Air breaker - Before and After
A proper reconditioning involves multiple teams of experienced experts and incredible attention to detail. Every tiny detail is meticulously inspected and reworked to ensure that the final product is in like-new condition. At ROMAC, our reconditioning, fabrication, and engineering teams are made up of seasoned professionals with decades of hands-on experience.
Before Reconditioning.
On the bench being disassembled.
Inside view after reconditioning.
Front after reconditioning.
Back after reconditioning.
Cutler-Hammer DS II - 616
A municipal facility needed some different air breakers, and we came through with all of them from our extensive stock. This group of four Cutler-Hammer DSII-616s was part of that order. They went through the meticulous reconditioning process of being tested, disassembled, cleaned, reworked, reassembled, and rigorously tested again.
On the recon bench.
Rigorous testing.
Ready to go.
DHP 15kV Air Breaker
The images of this breaker--inside and out--show the attention to detail that goes into every ROMAC reconditioning project.
Trip Unit Upgrade
Besides a full reconditioning, this GE 3200 Amp Breaker was given a trip unit upgrade. The URC AC-PRO-II trip unit that we installed in this breaker is microcontroller based and fully programmable, has a multi-line OLED display, and even sports a USB port--for easy access to trip data and protection settings.
On the recon bench.
Old GE trip unit--removed from the breaker.
Being fitted with a URC (Utility Relay Company) AC-PRO-II microcontroller based trip unit.
Why Purchase Reconditioned Equipment?
There are many reasons to purchase reconditioned equipment; however, the final decision usually comes down to availability. When you're dealing with applications that require minimal downtime, it is often not feasible to wait for new manufacturer-provided stock--lead times can sometimes be counted in weeks. Manufacturers continue to develop new product lines while discontinuing support for older equipment. For example, circuit breakers for a particular panel board may no longer be in production, so a manufacturer will encourage you to upgrade the entire panelboard to facilitate their newer product lines. A complete upgrade isn't always plausible or economical. Reconditioning, retrofitting, and retrofilling offer excellent alternatives that are potentially faster and less expensive.
What Goes In To Reconditioning?
Every type and brand of equipment has a separate and meticulous reconditioning procedure to ensure that no stone is left unturned during the process. Components are inspected, tested, reworked, or replaced, and then tested and inspected again. No piece of equipment, reconditioned in a PEARL recon shop, will ship until it has been qualified through this rigorous process. The ability of a recon shop to provide you with test reports and work scopes speaks to the quality of that shop. Always insist on documentation when you purchase reconditioned equipment.
What's a "Retrofill?"
A retrofill is a custom solution when a replacement is either unavailable or impractical. Retrofill involves reusing the equipment's original housing and completely replacing the functional components with up-to-date / up to code apparatus. The new equipment is then able to fit into the same assembly or lineup as the original.
After Retrofill
Not Everything Fits on a Bench
A lot of the equipment we recon is too big for an actual bench. We just started work on this Square D Automatic Transfer Switch. Stay tuned to see how it turns out!
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